GraphicRiver - Brochure Templates Pack 5
6 Templates | Layered PSD Files | 300 DPI | Compressed to 644 MB
Modern Tri-Fold Brochure DEMO
Portfolio + Resume Brochure 8 Pages DEMO
A5 Half-fold corporate brochure [4 pages] DEMO
Professional Company Profile Brochure (10 pages) DEMO
Tri-Fold Brochure - International Company DEMO
Unique Tri-fold Brochure DEMO
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GraphicRiver - Purple Party Flyer

Layered PSD Files | CS3 | Print Dimensions 4.25x6.25 | Compressed to 29 MB

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Gavick - GK AppsPro Tech v3.8 - Template For Joomla 2.5 or 3.0 | 6,03 MB

Business, mobile website template for Joomla 2.5 & 3.1
Irresistible look, clean design, attractive layout...
These are few from many advantages of our new AppsPro Tech Joomla! template. Leave your visitors stunned and jealous by the look of your fantastic website and the way of information presented out there!
A new Joomla! template is the best solution for those who seek for a fresh and professional look of a website. AppsPro Tech is appropriate while building personal or blog websites.
Catch up with the modern technology; use this breathtaking project now!
Build a stunning site for your app in just a few minutes.

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TemplateMonster Site Collection - Series 9000-10000

TemplateMonster Site Collection - Series 9000-10000
374 Templates | HTML | PSD | FLA | Fonts | Compressed to 4.6 GB < 9.3 GB

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YooTheme WordPress Theme Updated Pack 2012 Warp 5.5

YooTheme WordPress Theme Updated Pack 2012 Warp 5.5

31 Themes | Compressed to 266 MB

  • Air v5.5.13, Balance v1.0.2, Big Easy v1.0.4, Bloc v5.5.13, Catalyst v1.0.3, Cloud v1.0.3, Corona v5.5.11, Crystal v5.5.10, Downtown v1.0.4, Enterprise v5.5.12, Explorer v5.5.11, Expo v5.5.13, Flux v5.5.10, Intro v5.5.12,  Mellow v5.5.11, Milk v5.5.7, Nano v1.0.8, Neo v5.5.13, Noble v5.5.13, Phoenix v5.5.10, Planet v5.5.14, Pure v5.5.14, Quantum v1.0.8, Royal Plaza v5.5.13, Shelf v1.0.4, Spark v5.5.13, Streamline v1.0.4, Studio v5.5.12, Symphony v5.5.11, Vanilla v5.5.12, Vox v5.5.12.


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Videohive - On The Wall 1589656
Videohive - On The Wall 1589656
CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 | 1280x720 | Compressed to 348 MB
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GraphicRiver - Car Mock-Ups v3

GraphicRiver - Car Mock-Ups v3
Layered PSD Files | CS2 | 7200x4500 Pixels | Compressed to 386 MB
  • 4 car mockups in 1 psd file resolution 7200×4500 smart object for your custom work isolated cars, backgrounds, shadows, reflections 5 backgrounds included transparent glass help file and support is included.
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PSD Business Cards Pack
Business Cards Pack
30 Business Cards | PSD | Compressed to 119 MB
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VideoHive - Purple Party AE Project 233549

HD 1280x720 | CS4/CS5 | AEP | Preview: JPG, FLV, AVI | Compressed to 351 MB

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ThemeForest - Beauty Salon v.1.2 - Responsive Joomla Template
Columns 4+ | IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Joomla 3.0.2, Joomla 2.5.8, Joomla 2.5.7, Joomla 2.5.5, Joomla 2.5, Joomla 1.7
Well Documented | Layered PSD, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files | Compressed to 84 MB
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DOSCH 3D: Packaging Design V1
150 3D Models | Compressed to 163 MB
  • 150 hires 3D-models for packaging and product design. The 3D-models are each fully textured, and all that needs to be done for a finished product design is to put the product label on the 3D-objects, or maybe to change colors. The product saves substantial time with the presentation of many consumer products, food and beverage packaging, medical packaging, sales container for body lotion, shampoo etc., design prototypes and variations thereof. Whether it is the depiction of a finished product or a product in the development stage, intermediate or final steps of product promotion will be much less time-consuming with Dosch 3D: Packaging Design.
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DOSCH 2D - Viz-Images: Bird's Eye - Trees
344 PSD and TIF | 1748x1168580x444 | alfa | Compressed to 429 MB
  • Effective architectural visualization (commercial or residential objects) needs additional elements which help to demonstrate relevant dimensions and proportions, and which "add life" to the design. For outside scenes trees & plants are particularly suited to accomplish this. Instead of using 3D-models which require extensive computing resources, Viz-Images: Bird's Eye - Trees is an effective way for adding 170 trees in bird's eye view.
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Dosch Design: 3D - Logo Animations for 3ds max
max | 3D models | 419 MB
  • 25 logo animations of cutting-edge design and quality. Perfectly to create animations for TV, video, DVD menus and company presentations.You can replace the standard logo in the 3ds max scene with your own unique text/logo in order to easily create your own logo animation. All scenes look crisp & stylish, are optimized for the use in 3ds max, and include all relevant textures. Because the animations are provided as fully editable scenes, you are able to adjust the output resolution in which you render for your individual needs. It does not matter if you create renderings for the internet, video (pal or ntsc), DVD, business presentations or the higher cinema resolution. You are able to adjust the animations for your specific needs: change colors, add or remove objects (text or graphic), change lighting, or create a new camera path. This means you can use the logo animations either "out of the box" or simply as a starting point for your own eye-catching, unique creations.
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DOSCH HDRI - Car Backgrounds
28 HQ HDRI | Suported in many 3D applications | 2xDVDs | Compressed to 6.3 GB
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DOSCH DESIGN - 3D: Kid's Playground
100 3Dmax models of toys and playground equipment | Compressed to 134 MB
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DOSCH HDRI: Radiant Skies
DOSCH DESIGN - HDRI: Radiant Skies
113 HDRi images | Compressed to 2.49 GB
  • The product contains 113 HDR images of computer generated skies for spectacular reflection and lighting effects. Use the High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) in order to visualize reflecting materials and for lighting your scene with optimized sky settings.


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Dosch Design: 3D - Humans
 3DSmax, C4D, DXF, Lightwave and OBJ file types | 80 Models Man & Woman | Compressed to 519 MB
  • In this collection you will find many models of people (men and women). More than 80 models. Model is represented in different poses.
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DOSCH Textures - Industrial Design V3
High resolution texture layers for realistic looking industrial design. DOSCH Textures - Industrial Design V3 contains more than 300 high-resolution texture layers which can be combined to realistic looking surfaces.
JPG | 805 Mb
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DOSCH 3D: Animated Humans for Cinema4D
40 3D Humans | 15 Ready to Use Animations C4D | Compressed to 1.37 GB
  • The depiction of animated human characters in 3D-scenes becomes ever more important in visualizations, animations and illustrations, and by now constitutes a considerable part of 3D-design.
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Dosch Design: 3D - Natural Objects V1
100 3Dmax models | Compressed to 473 MB
  • This product contains 100 completely textured and very detailed 3D-models of natural objects. Contained are plants, grasses, ground surfaces, palm trees, a very detailed conifer and 3D-surfaces for the design of natural sceneries and backgrounds. You will be impressed by the high-quality. Use these 3D-models to bring life into your 3D-scenes. The models are provided in the following formats: LightWave3D (LWO & LWS), 3D Studio (3DS), Cinema4D (C4D) and DXF.
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DOSCH HDRI: Asia Roads
15 Coastal Scenery Locations | 13000x6500 Pixels | Compressed to 8.8 GB
  • Dosch HDRI: Asia Roads contains HDRIs incl. corresponding backplate sets for 15 coastal scenery locations.Through combination of the background image of each location's surroundings, and the HDRI-capture of that location, the object that is to be depicted at that exact location will be illuminated highly realistically. Thanks to HDR-technology visualizations will therefore offer almost unlimited lighting and mood options.
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DOSCH HDRI: USA Road Backplates
15 Backplate Sets | 13000x6500 Pixels | 5.88 GB
  • Dosch HDRI: USA Road Backplates contains 15 backplate sets or sceneries. Each set depicts one scene through backplate images, plus the corresponding HDRI for lighting of objects - and their reflections.Through combination of the background image and an HDR-image of the object that is to be depicted at that exact location, absolutely realistic overall results are possible.
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DOSCH HDRI: USA City Backplates
15 Backplate Sets | 13000x6500 Pixels | Compressed to 6.5 GB
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DOSCH 3D: Light Scenes
100 3Dmax Scenes | Compressed to 84 MB
  • With less-than-perfect lighting the best 3D-model looks rather un-spectacular. We would like to help you in this challenge. ”Light-Scenes” offers a large number of complete lighting models for professional lighting of your scenes. You can achieve totally new effects, and give pictures a unique ”mood”. No matter whether you are working on a technical presentation, a science fiction or fantasy picture, or maybe a reality-scene - with ”Light-Scenes” you always have the right lighting options at your fingertips. The product contains 270 light-scenes which you are able to adjust for your needs. Animated lighting-sequences are contained in this product, too, of course. And as a bonus, more than 100 projection-images are included.
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DOSCH Textures: SciFi Textures
100 HQ Textures | 2048x2048 Pixels | 1.15 GB
  • This product provides 100 very detailed depictions of seamlessly tileable metal surfaces. The textures have been exclusively designed by Pino Gengo for DOSCH DESIGN. Pino has worked as a texture artist on games like Crysis, Crysis Warhead and Far Cry .
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