Amazing SS - Perfection Body, 25xJPGs


25 UHQ JPEG | up to ~ 8000 x 5300 | 300 dpi | 235 Mb RAR

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Church in the Wildwood Font Family - 24 Fonts for $40


Church in the Wildwood Font Family

From Ornaments of Grace comes a new family of fonts: Church in the Wildwood, in a modern vintage style bringing you back to simpler times. A display font family with small caps as lowercase, shadows, and matching ornaments, this family will look beautiful as a headline or caption in your next invitation, poster, or menu. Won't you come to the Church in the Wildwood?

OTF | 24 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 53.5 Mb RAR

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Pero Font Family - 7 Fonts for $125


Pero Font Family

Pero is a condensed rounded sans-serif family designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa and the whole family consists of 7 weights from ExtraLight to ExtraBold.The range of styles provides flexibility for title, headline and body text. And the large x-heights gives them legibility and readability. The basic skeleton of their letterform was designed modularly and minimalized by removing their unnecessary stems and their ends was rounded out. The minimalized modular design gives this family contemporary urbane taste and rounded corners make this family warm and friendly. This rounded feature will also accentuate your design work moderately. Pero supports almost all European languages: Western, Central, South Eastern Europeans and afrikaans. And superior figures, inferior figures, denominators, numerators and fraction can be accessed by using OpenType features.

OTF | 7 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 12.2 Mb RAR

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Tenebrae Font for $10

Tenebrae Font

Tenebrae is inspired by the Giallo films of the 70s and other cult cinema film posters. Whilst these are Tenebrae's origins it still retains a modern edge making it equally at home in vintage settings as well as more modern ones. Tenebrae has titling alternates which gives it a more stylised character. 

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 20.1 Mb RAR

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Upjohn Font Family - 2 Fonts for $19 (Plus Bonus)


Upjohn Font Family

Inspired from Horror and Thriller movie posters back in old era, with bold and solid stroke styles that pointed to the instant-retro feels when you drop it to your vintage or retro design project. Comes with 2 version, Clean and Rough with Uppercase, Numbers and Punctuations. Support English language, OTF and TTF files.

2 OTF + 2 TTF | Webfonts | 2 PSD - Watercolor Alphabet, Texture Packs | 115 Mb RAR

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Farola Font Family - 3 Fonts for $69


Farola Font Family

Farola is a curly and romantic victorian display font, inspired specially on the ancient decorative forged iron lamps called “farolas” used on street and parks of the 1800’s. At first it was created as a lettering logotype for the collective called “Tipografistica”, a kind of experimental type and graphic design studio founded by college friends, the font was temporary identified as the same name as the collective, at same time, it was the first complete alphabet project commercially developed for PeGGO Fonts foundry, then it changed to current font name “farola”. The Farola process includes several technical cares, specially considering the visual balance weight, proportion ratio, contrast shapes, soft curves, outer and inner empty spaces also called “whites”. The main characteristics of “Farola” are curly shapes and its stronger drop spot finials. Due to concept design thoughts was “lettering logotype”. The most common pattern of this was the closer junctions between each logotype letters. To create the effect of unit, the serif and several finial shapes and also kerning adjustments keep those ideas on mind. The result was the unique kind of serif created specifically for this font. The most recommended usage of “Farola” are logotypes & lettering, but also packaging, posters, fashion young girl’s magazines headlines, videogames letterheads, valentines graphics, cover books, and many other similar ones.

TTF | 3 Fonts | 3.3 Mb RAR

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Larry Font Family - 3 Fonts for $45

Larry Font Family

Larry is a smooth yet sturdy connected script with a polished vintage feeling. Larry works great with just Standard Ligatures on but for more customised look click on Swash, Stylistic or Titling Alternates in any OpenType savvy program or open Glyph Palette for even more alternate characters. Larry is best used on creating smooth headlines, logos & posters for branding and packaging purposes. 

OTF | 3 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 13.2 Mb RAR

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Farnham Font Family - 42 Fonts for $625

Farnham Font Family

German-born punchcutter Johann Fleischman, contemporary of Baskerville and Fournier, worked at the Enschede Foundry in Haarlem. Expert in advanced tools and the qualities of fine steel, he pushed beyond the frontiers of his time, cutting active typefaces famous worldwide for their “sparkle.” Christian Schwartz focused on Fleischman’s exuberant angularity, carrying it to all weights of his new Farnham series. Among other uses, Farnham is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book and Corporate use.

OTF | 42 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.1 Mb RAR

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VMF Pure Black Font for $20

VMF Pure Black

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 4 Mb RAR

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Wilder Font + Bonus Vector for $9


Wilder Font

Wilder Typeface is another carefully hand-made font crafted with passion and love :) You can use this font as creative as you want.

OTF + TTF | 1 Font | JPEG  | EPS + AI | 31.2 Mb RAR

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Mic 32 New Font Family - 8 Fonts for $160


Mic 32 New Font Family

Mic32 New is a revival of the of the original Mic32 released in 2004. Keeping its futuristic appeal, this popular font has been re-drawn from the ground up, with new spacing and kerning. A range of Opentype features have been added, and the new version includes small caps, tabular, proportional and old style numerals and ligatures.

OTF | 8 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 5.2 Mb RAR

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Muffler Font Family - 2 Fonts for $15


Muffler Font Family

Inspired by the old vintage poster of Grand Prix and old racing stuff ads, comes with the authentic handmade from pen brush to give you the manual feel and fabulous vintage vibe. It comes with 2 version, clean and dusty version, the dusty version comes from the ideas that muffler itself blows everyone behind with the dust of tracks so the rider can say "feel my dust!"

2 OTF  + 2 TTF | Webfonts | JPEG Preview | 3.7 Mb RAR

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Steady Font for $20


Steady Font

Steady is a script typeface with personality. It was designed as a display typeface that contains 315 glyphs in total and 126 alternative characters to improve your design. You can use it as a logo, badge, insignia, packaging, headline, poster, t-shirt/apparel, greeting card, and wedding invitation. The flowing characters are ideal to make an attractive messages, mix and match Steady with a bunch of alternative characters to fit your project. The alternative characters in this font were divided into several OpenType features such as Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic Sets, and Ligature. The OpenType features can be accessed by using OpenType savvy program such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 4.3 Mb RAR

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Reso Font Family - 5 Fonts for $120


Reso Font Family

Reso is an experimental geometric typeface built from a broken arc module. Its minimal and contemporary letter shapes makes it well suited for logo design, headers and short texts. Five weights are available in OpenType format. The fonts include some standard OpenType features and support for most European languages.

OTF | 5 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4 Mb RAR

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Roverd Font Family - 2 Fonts for $29


Roverd Font Family

Roverd is a Script Retro font that come with 700 Glyph and equipped with OpenType feature to make custom feel for your design. This font is designed for t-shirts, logos, posters and etc.

OTF | 2 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 2.9 Mb RAR

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Moderna Font Family - 16 Fonts for $121


Moderna Font Family

Moderna is a sans serif family inspired in simplicity of Modernism. Its contruction neutral and clean has been especially designed for short texts, headlines, logos and branding. With sixteen variants includes unicase version, some alternate characters, arrows and labels.

OTF | 16 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.4 Mb RAR

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Atletico Font Family - 6 Fonts for $49


Atletico Font Family

OTF | 6 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.6 Mb RAR

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National Currency Font Family - 3 Fonts for $40


National Currency Font Family

This font was inspired by lettering found on old stock certificate on the 19th century and comes with two guilloche borders, which makes national currency very useful.

OTF | 3 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 5.8 Mb RAR

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Doedel Font Family - 10 Fonts for $49


Doedel Font Family

Doedel is a strong script font that comes with over 800+ glyphs and is equipped with a host of OpenType features, works well at large size and making it a breeze to customize the feel of your design. Doedel is suitable for t-shirt design, retro design, vintage design, headline, website title, logo, sport, package or etc. To access the alternate glyph you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS & CorelDraw X6-X7 or you can install the multiple font for Photoshop CS.

OTF | 10 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 15.5 Mb RAR

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Prada Script Font for $20


Prada Script Font

Prada is bold, classic, and fun vintage script. Crafted with OpenType features with more than 60 alternate characters to choose. This font was designed to suited as headlines, signage, poster, logo, badge, and emblem. Make sure you use OpenType savvy program and simply open Glyph Palette to access all of the glyphs.

OTF + TTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 4.2 Mb RAR

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Nabila Font for $20


Nabila Font

Nabila is bold, playful, modern, and multi-purpose typeface that combines brush lettering with natural handwriting. It is suitable for logo, packaging, headline, poster, t-shirt, etc. With 350 glyphs and 155 alternatives characters, you can mix and match Nabila to fit your design. The alternative characters divided into several OpenType features such as Ligature, Contextual alternates, stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, and swash. It can be accessed by using OpenType savvy program such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

OTF + TTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 4.8 Mb RAR

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Loopo Stencil Font for $15


Loopo Stencil Font

Loopo was created as an experiment with rotating forms. The cut of the stencil shows the rotation and creates a reference to motion throughout the font. Characters are created by manipulating the rotations of the stencil which gives the font a round and fluid look.

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 4.3 Mb RAR

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Conspired Lovers Font for $39



Conspired Lovers Font

Conspired Lovers is based on five years of love-letter writing. A font to capture the intentions of love letters more than any other font.Нов  did the Project start?  In the last five years I wrote love letters with two persons. I became used to the joy of handwriting with ink and nib on fine paper. Through practice a experimentation my style continuously refined. As life moves on, suddenly I found myself with no one to write love letters to. It’s a luxury to have someone to write letters to. Missing the joy of writing and listening to Gregory Porter’s “Be Good”, the decision was made to take this 5 years of writing and make this dance on paper a font. A handwritten typeface for everyone to use.

OTF | 1 Font | JEG Preview | 9.9 Mb RAR

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PF Regal Swash Pro Font Family - 6 Fonts for €375


PF Regal Swash Pro Font Family

The objective of this project was to design a new typeface series for Grazia magazine. First published in 2010, Regal was later revamped and redesigned for commercial use, evolving into a type system with five related superfamilies. According to the brief, this typeface had to be elegant, luxurious, sexy, vibrant, reflect the female sensitivity and take into consideration a modern woman who is more proud, more connected, more spontaneous, open-minded and eager to try a whole host of new products and services. Targeting this consumption-wise and well-educated woman, required a typeface that is not strictly based on classic forms, but incorporates several distinct elements that express a modern woman’s personality and the products she consumes. In that respect, a whole series of 5 related superfamilies was designed, which not only emphasize femininity but also reflect both the romantic as well as the dynamic side of the female personality. For that matter, elegant curvy details were introduced in order to create a link to the female figure; teardrop terminals which reflect a woman’s sensitivity; pronounced quirks on upper and lower arms for her eyelashes; high-contrast, sharp corners at thinning terminals for her high heels; alternate glyphs for the woman who prefers to express her individuality -rather than slavishly follow trends- by using various accessories which can dramatically change her appearance; elegant endings and long curves to reflect her predisposition to dream; bell-shaped serifs with an inward rather than outward direction which recall streamlined seventies fashion. This series of typefaces is diverse in its construction as it consists of five related superfamilies i.e. text, display, ?nesse, swash and stencil. There is a variety of weights which range from regular to ultra black for each one of the five families. These families share common attributes but they di?er in content according to each one’s usage. The whole superfamily type system is comprised of 47 weights with an average of 898 glyphs per weight. It supports simultaneously Latin, Cyrillic and Greek and comes with many alternate glyphs.

OTF | 6 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.9 Mb RAR

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Cookies and Cream Font Family - 2 Fonts for $15


Cookies and Cream Font Family

A versatile casual typeface - designed initially for using in a recipe book as casual comments - Its actually very versatile, and can be used in a variety of project styles where a quick relaxed hand written type is needed. Fun, bouncy,quirky and casual - with 24 extra glyphs to enhance your designs :)

OTF | 2 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.7 Mb RAR

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