VisCorbel - Kitchen Deluxe

VisCorbel: Kitchen Deluxe, Max-VRay-PhotoShop 3D Tutorial
14 Hours | .mp4 | with project files | 5.3 GB
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Infinite Skills – Learning 3Ds Max 2012 Tutorial DVD

English | h264 | 1170 Kbps | 960x720 15.00 fps | aac 44100 Hz | 6.54 GB
Genre: eLearning

  • In this video tutorial on 3ds Max 2012, expert author and animator Brian Mennenoh introduces you to the many features of this 3D modeling and animation software from AutoDesk. Brian has over 20 years experience working with 3D, and his engaging teaching style draws you in and allows you to enjoy the sometimes complex intricacies of such a powerful software program.
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Brand X Music Discography 2003-2012 MUST HAVE!
MP3 / 192kbps-320k BPS | Home Page: | 3.62 GB!
  • ARTIST: Brand X Music is widely known as the creator of the music for the movie and entertainment advertising. Launched in 2002, the project, under the name X was one of the first bands specifically designed to create a unique music for films, video games, television promos, etc. Known for its unique formulations and high-quality, Brand X captures the emotional, cinematic sound. K Brand X Music clients seek entertainment from major film studios, television networks, video game developers. "We continually strive to be among the best in the creation of good music to meet the highest demands of our creative customers. Our first album" Volume One: Compilation "consisted of just of the 25 tracks, but despite the fact that our start was modest in quantity, it was very high quality. Editors and executives from around the world to "hear" us. Today, Brand X catalog consists of more than 1,000 songs, and became one of the most popular libraries in the film and television industry.
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CSS Terminology Decoded – TutsPlus

TutsPlus Premium - CSS Terminology Decoded | 713 MB

  • CSS is an interesting language. It’s quite easy to learn the basics, but truly mastering it is a much more involved process that can take years – despite what your developer friends may tell you.
  • Anyone can apply a bit of styling, but do you understand all of the various terminology associated with modern CSS? Concatenation, proprocessors, frameworks, OOCSS, responsive design…the list goes on and on! We’ll decode all of that and more in this course.
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logo design process
Inspirational Collections | jpg, png, gif & pdf | >19 GB | >227.000 images 
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Digital-Tutors: Digital Painting Human Profile and Figure [ENG]

Digital-Tutors: Digital Painting Human Profile and Figure [ENG]

Video: FLV, 782x646, 15 frames / s, 1024 kbit / s
Audio: MP3, 44,1 kHz, 96 kbit / s, 1 channel
Duration: 1 hour. 03min. | Size: 166 MB | Sample Files: PSD 

  • In this series of lessons, we'll learn many techniques on drawing the difficult subject of the human figure. We'll begin by learning how to draw profiles, both male and female. We'll then dive into the topic of figure, balance and action, which are all important aspects to keep in mind whenever drawing humanoid creatures. We'll then learn a few techniques to quickly give us a foundadtion to build off of when drawing the human body.
  1. Drawing the Male Profile
  2. Drawing the Female Profile
  3. Basic lines of Figure
  4. Balance and Action
  5. Building from the Double Triangle
  6. Blocking in a Sketch
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Advanced Portrait Painting

DVDRip | AVI / DivX, 1650 kb/s | 640x480 | 02:03:22 | English: MP3, 32 kb/s (1 ch) | Subtitles: Russian | 1.46 Gb

Genre: Painting

  • "Learn from portrait master Steve Driscoll how to render incredible and advanced photo-realistic portraiture through detailed step-by-step instruction."
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Michael Hampton - Figure Drawing - Design and Invention


Figure Drawing, Design and Invention by Michael Hampton

 ISBN: 061527281 | 240 pages | .pdf | Compressed to 38 MB

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creativeLIVE - Adobe Photoshop CS6 New Features by Lesa Snider, 3 days
CreativeLIVE - Adobe Photoshop CS6 New Features by Lesa Snider
English | Audio: wmav2, 44100 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s
WMV | Video: wmv3, yuv420p, 960x536, 700 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r) | 4.8 GB
Genre: Video Training

Lesa Snider returns to creativeLIVE for an intensive look at the newly released Adobe Photoshop CS6. Whether you've already upgraded or are still deciding, you'll learn practical yet non-destructive editing techniques you can use every day. This 3-day course is a perfect companion to Lesa's previous CS5 class on creativeLIVE.

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3 Shadow Pockets on Black PSD
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Abused Floor Textures
20 *.bmp Files | Compressed to 15 MB<45 MB
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AeScripts - Auto Crop v2.0 for After Effects | 12 MB

  • Quickly and easily crop a composition down to it's contents. It can crop based on the current frame, all frames or a mask you create. Auto Crop is a tool that allows you to quickly crop a composition using one of three different methods: Auto Crop, Auto Crop Duration and Crop to Mask. It works quickly and accurately no matter what layer types are inside the composition.
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English: AAC, 96 kb/s (1 ch) | MOV / AVC, ~201 kb/s | 960x540 | Duration: 5 hours 11 mins | 1.5 GB

Genre: eLearning

Join Adobe InDesign and publishing expert Mike Rankin as he explains how to use InDesign to design a wide range of digital documents, including interactive PDFs and apps for the iPad. This course provides a tour of digital publishing trends and shows how to bring these trends to bear in various projects, such as a slide presentation, a PDF form, and an interactive portfolio. Mike also introduces the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and shows how to publish dynamic interactive documents to the iPad and other mobile devices.

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IconShock - Real Vista Education Illustrator Sources
1824 AI | + PDF Preview | Zipped to 572 MB < 825 Mb RAR
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Dosch 3D - Comics Vol.1
20 3D Models of Animated Characters | OBJ, LW, DXF, C4D and 3DS | 47 MB


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Dosch 3D - Comics Vol.1
20 3D Models of Animated Characters | OBJ, LW, DXF, C4D and 3DS | 114 MB
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DOSCH 3D: Environment Scenes
DOSCH 3D: Environment Scenes 3DSmax, Lightwave and Cinema 4D
20 Complete Environment Scenes | 1 GB


  • The product contains 20 complete environment scenes. Use them to present new vehicles and concept cars, products, new designs or use them as a starting point for your own virtual studios. All materials, objects and the lighting can be adjusted for your needs - so it is easy to create a complately new look and feel for the scenes.
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Dosch Design - Surroundings Panoramic HDRI Textures
Dosch Design Surroundings Panoramic HDRI
31 panoramic HDR images | 10000x5000 | 4.45 Gb
Dosch HDRI: Surroundings is a valuable source of HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image) environments.
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DOSCH Textures: Medical Visualization

DOSCH Textures: Medical Visualization V3 - Photoshop Textures - JPEG Format


140 HQ Seamless Textures | 2048x2048 Pixels | Bump Maps | Compressed to 339 MB

  • The product Dosch Textures: Medical Visualization V3 contains 140 high resolution, seamless tileable textures which can be applied to 3D-models spanning a multitude of themes. Use them in many computer graphics software packages (incl. Photoshop).
  • These high resolution textures which include the bump maps for the depth of the material can be used for product visualization, character design, animations, game-design and any other computer graphics artwork.
  • The multi-layer textures can readily be used in most 3D-animation and 2D-image editing applications.
  • All textures are provided in a high resolution (2048 x 2048 pixel) in the JPEG-format (with highest quality settings) - and can therefore be used in professional visualizations. Please use the PDF overview (see above) for a detailed content listing.
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DOSCH Textures - Carpets
Provides 228 textures for professional visualization of carpets and rugs in 3D-scenes.
228 HQ JPG Images | 2048x2048 Pixels | 2.01 GB
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