tutsplus.com - Producing and Selling Vector Stock [2012, ENG]
English | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x700, 30,00 fps | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | RAR 554 MB
Genre: Video Training
  • Think you’re ready to start selling vector stock art? Illustrating for stock and selling your work on sites such as GraphicRiver can be very rewarding, whether you’re doing it for fun, for extra income, or as a full-time job. But there’s a lot more to it than simply uploading some files then kicking back and watching the money roll in. Cheryl Graham gives you an in depth guide to the world of selling vector stock and to best prepare and submit your vector art for sale. Cheryl will walk you through the entire sale process and get you up and running.
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Acrom Family Font - The Northern Block
Acrom Family Font - The Northern Block
The font can be tamed utilising the set of alternative characters available within the typeface. Details include 500 characters, manually edited kerning and Opentype features.
OTF | 10 MB
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InfiniteSkills -  Learning Adobe InDesign CS6 Training Video
InfiniteSkills - Learning Adobe InDesign CS6 Training Video
Info Video:.............h264, 960x720, 25.00 fps
Info Audio:.............aac, 44100 Hz, stereo
Working Files:..........YES


  • In this Adobe InDesign CS6 training course expert author and Adobe Certified Trainer Jeff Witchel teaches you how to use this powerful digital and print layout software. With the introduction of amazing new digital layout features, InDesign CS6 really is the industry standard when it comes to not only traditional media layouts, but also EPUB and other digital standards.
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Lightroom 5 Essentials: 02 Managing Images with the Library Module

Lightroom 5 Essentials: 02 Managing Images with the Library Module
English | 3h 31m | AVC1 960x540 15 fps | AAC 128 Kbps 48.0 KHz | 3.60 GB
Genre: eLearning | Level: Beginner

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FStopper - How To Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer (2013)

English | 8 Chapters | Duration: 14h | H264 | 1280x720 | 23.98fps 2000kbps | AAC 48.0KHz | 9.18 GB

Genre: eLearning

  • Whether you want to know how to become a professional commercial photographer or how to become a professional photographer in general, the quickest way to start making money with your camera may be wedding photography. Our Fstoppers tutorial How To Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer is finally here! Lee Morris and I have spent over 3 years planning and 2 years filming and editing this tutorial on all things wedding photography. The goal behind this 14 tutorial was to create the most comprehensive resource on everything it takes to create compelling wedding images as well as the tools needed to start and run a successful wedding photography business. No matter if you are brand new to photography or if you are already shooting weddings professionally, this 14 hour tutorial will teach you everything we know about wedding photography so you can either start your own business from scratch or take your existing business to the next level.
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Up and Running with Edge Reflow with Joseph Labrecque
Up and Running with Edge Reflow with Joseph Labrecque
English | .MP4 | h264, yuv420p, 960x540, 476 kb/s, 29.97 fps | aac, 48000 Hz, 159 kb/s | RAR 150 MB
Genre: Video Training

Edge Reflow is a tool for prototyping responsive web designs and providing interactive proof-of-concept designs to clients. This course shows you how to find your way around the Reflow interface and tools and get practice creating responsive designs through a series of exercises.

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TypeMonkey v1.10 [Aescripts] | 11 MB
Home: http://aescripts.com/typemonkey/
  • Generates complex kinetic type animations - camera included - dynamically linked to markers for easy customization. No keyframes involved. Incredibly fast, powerful and intuitive.
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Creating Maps Charts and Infographics with Adobe Illustrator Learn by Video - Peachpit Press
Creating Maps Charts and Infographics with Adobe Illustrator Learn by Video
English | Included Working Files | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 25.00 | 3.20GB
Genre: E-learning
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Evermotion - ArchModels Full Vol. 134 | RAR 2.7 GB


  • Archmodels vol. 134 includes 40 sets of professional, highly detailed 3d models for architectural visualizations. This collection comes with high quality interior props with all textures and materials.  Scenes are not included. 
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Archmodels vol. 133
Formats:max, obj l RAR 13.4 GB

Archmodels vol. 133 includes 3 sets of 3d city parts with very diverse models of cities from different regions of the world. Every set consists of a couple of parts that can be used to quickly set up a big city.

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javascript - Enhancing the DOM
Photoshop for Designers: Working with Illustrator | 1.97 GB
Duration: 3h 6m | Video: MPEG-4 960x540 (16:9) 30fps 1199kbps | Audio: AAC stereo 48kHz 160kbps
Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Date : Jun 06, 2013

  • This installment of Photoshop for Designers shows how to combine Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, taking advantage of the strongest features in each program. Learn how to work with symbols, custom brushes, Live Paint, creative filters, clipping masks, and more, while following along with veteran graphic designer and teacher Nigel French. Nigel explains the relationship between Photoshop and Illustrator and walks through hands-on projects such as a montage, a movie poster, and a print ad, while demonstrating how to work back and forth between the two applications.
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X-media Graphic Library Texture 500 - Jet Company
X-media Graphic Library Texture 500 - Jet Company
X-media Graphic Library Texture 500 - Jet Company, 5xCD
500 UHQ JPG Textures | Up to 4288x2848 pixels | 423 dpi | 2,7 GB  
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Newspaper 19 TTF Fonts

Newspaper Fonts
42 Fonts | TTF | PNG & JPG Preview | RAR 13 MB

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Cool 50 Fonts Collection

Cool 50 Fonts Collection
50 Fonts | TTF | JPG previews | 4 MB

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CurlyHogRunes Fonts
4 Fonts | TTF | PDF & PNG Preview | 4 MB

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Evermotion Textures4ever Vol.8, PNG

Evermotion Textures4ever Vol.8
848 PNG Transparent Trees | Rendered 212 different trees in 4 different light angles | 15 GB

  • Textures4ever volume 8 gives you 848 high resolution alpha trees in png file format, made from rendered 3d trees. 
  • Maps resolution is 1000x1000px up to 3500x3500px. 
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Particle Effects in 3ds Max 2013, French - Elephorm
Particle Effects in 3ds Max 2013, French - Elephorm
Particle Effects in 3ds Max 2013, French - Elephorm by  Avec Alain Maindron 
Effets de particules avec 3ds Max 2013 - Elephorm  
RAR: 3.9 GB 
Create flames, volumes of water, smoke, explosions!
Créez des flammes, des volumes d’eau, des fumées, des explosions!
  • FRENCH: A travers cette formation 3ds Max consacrée aux particules intégrées de 3ds Max 2013 vous allez apprendre à créer des effets de particules très variés, fumée, brouillard, particules associées à des objets, etc.... Cette formation 3ds max ne nécessite aucun plugin externe de type trapcode particular. Dans ce tuto 3ds Max, vous allez utiliser Particule Flow, le très puissant système de particules de 3ds Max 2013. Basée sur une architecture nodale, ce moteur complexe présente de nombreuses avancées importantes dans le domaine des simulations fluides. Vous allez apprendre à créer des flammes en 3D dans 3ds Max, des volumes d’eau, des fumées, des explosions et bien plus encore ! Vous apprendrez également à compositer vos particules dans After Effects pour obtenir des rendus impressionants de réalisme. Vous saurez aussi manipluer les différents opérateurs : des Shaded Planes aux objets en passant par les Blob Mesh. Bref, vous saurez tout sur les particules dans 3ds Max ! Formation disponible en DVD, VOD et téléchargement. 
  • ENGLISH:Through this training devoted to 3ds Max 3ds Max particles incorporated in 2013 you will learn how to create particle effects varied, smoke, fog, particles associated with objects, etc. …. This training 3ds Max requires no external plugin like Trapcode Particular. 3ds Max In this tutorial, you will use Particle Flow, the very powerful particle system for 3ds Max 2013. Based on a nodal architecture, this motor complex has many important advances in the field of fluid simulations. You will learn to create 3D flames in 3ds Max, the volume of water, smoke, explosions and much more! You will also learn your particles composited in After Effects for renderings of impressive realism. You’ll also manipluer different operators: Shaded Planes of objects via the Blob Mesh. In short, you’ll learn all about the particles in 3ds Max!
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50 Different Drop Shadow Effects
PSD | RAR 13 MB 
  • Curved drop shadows are one of the most trendy effects in web design nowadays, so, we decided to work hard and bring you these fantastic curved shadows effects. Ready to use and including PSD sources and some slider base frames.
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Evermotion - Archexteriors Full Pack, First 18 Volumes!
From Vol.1 to Vol.18 all Volumes
3dsMax & Vray | *. max, Vray Material & Textures
RAR 19.4 GB < UnRAR 46.9 GB | Choose Your Volume and Download!


  • All scenes are prepared for V-Ray 1.5 or higher and 3ds max 8 or higher. Recommended system specification: Intel Core Duo with 4GB of RAM, and 64bit system. 
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Luxology: NPR Kit for Modo Win/Mac

Luxology NPR Kit for Modo Win/Mac | 660 MB | Choose Your System & Download

  • Non-Photorealistic Rendering Kit Produces Hand-Drawn and Traditional Looks for Architectural, Fine Art, and Technical Illustration Projects
  • The NPR Kit lets you easily create a range of expressive, and hand drawn looks when rendering in modo.
  • Non-photorealistic rendering or ‘NPR’ refers to stylized or expressive 3D rendering that suggests traditional illustration. It is useful in applications from technical illustration, where edges and important features are emphasized at the expense of detailed visual accuracy, to cartoons where simple colors and strong lines are used to convey emotion.
  • The NPR Kit supports the creation of a variety of familiar artistic effects in modo including ‘toon’ shading, stippling, halftones and edge rendering. The unique new SketchTone shader uses hand-sketched hatching examples to reproduce an artist’s original drawing style on any 3D surface. The NPR Kit for modo extends the range of visual styles available to modo users when rendering anything from product visualizations and technical illustrations, to anime and fine art.

Home Page: _http://www.luxology.com/press/release/20120830_Luxology_ships_NPR_Kit/index.aspx

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Archmodel 100 Volumes [001-100] Download your missing series!

Archmodel 100 Volumes [001-100] Download your missing series!
Archmodel 100 Volumes [001-100] Download your missing series!
Archmodels 100 Volumes [001-100] Download your missing series!
Compressed to 40.4 GB! Choose your volume and download!
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Cgtextures.com Collection JPEG
Website: Cgtextures.com
7704 JPEG | 1024×800 to 3700×… px | 12.45 GB

Cgtextures.com Collection JPEG: Brick, Fabric, Foods, Grunge, Landscapes, Metal, Nature, Plaster, Plastic, Skies, Water, Wood, Wrinkles

Choose and Download!

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Eat3D - Unreal Development Kit - An Introduction and Application
English | 2 DVDs | Video Training | 3.24 GB 
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Photoshop Top Secret 1-4 [Included Project Files] With Bonus DVD
eLearning | 9.76 GB  
  • Photoshop Top Secret Tutorials All DVDS ( 1 – 4 )… (Including Bonus DVD).Photoshop Top Secret will teach you to create high-quality special effects to get attention for the movie posters, book and magazine covers, brochures, colorful illustrations, as well as a wide range of all kinds of advertisements and graphics for Web-sites.Lessons are in English, and even if you’re with him for you, do not be afraid! Authors to such an extent, explain everything in detail and show that after a while and did not notice that all the talk in English.Photoshop Top Secret – excellent tutorial that teaches you step by step how to create the most advanced graphic effects using Adobe Photoshop. The product will be understandable to anyone, until those who are first confronted with fotoshopom.V kit includes a color gallery with a start and the end result of work of each project throughout the course.
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DigiEffects - Buena Depth Cue v2.5 for After Effects
Suitable for Adobe After Effects CS3-CS4-CS5-CS6 | 4 MB
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