Santa Claus 2, 3 UHQ JPGs
3 UHQ RGB JPG Images | 5616x5616 Pixels | 44 MB 
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Santa Claus 1, 4 UHQ JPGs - SS
4 UHQ RGB JPG Images | 6060x4944 Pixels | 35 MB 
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New 23 Commercial Fonts
23 Commercial Fonts | 2 MB
Pixel Fonts:
Bulgaria Bourgas Cyr
Bulgaria Fantastica Cyr
Bulgaria Glorious Cyr
Bulgaria Line Extended
Bulgaria Outline Cyr
Bulgaria Raxel Cyr
Capital Cyr Regular
Copyright Cyr Regular
Copyright Cyr Bold
Dots Cyr Regular
KLMN Flash Pix 2004
Ontology KLMN
KLMN Flash Pix 2004
P-27 Circle
P-27 Square
National Fonts:
Keetano Katakana
Pixel Fonts:Bulgaria Bourgas Cyr, Bulgaria Fantastica Cyr, Bulgaria Glorious Cyr, Bulgaria Line Extended, Bulgaria Outline Cyr, Bulgaria Raxel Cyr, Capital Cyr Regular, Copyright Cyr Regular, Copyright Cyr Bold, Dots Cyr Regular, DPix_8pt, KLMN Flash Pix 2004, Ontology KLMN, KLMN Flash Pix 2004, Liss-Pix, P-27, P-27 Circle, P-27 Square.
National Fonts:Keetano Katakana, Melba, Rusticus, UkrainianMuseumCyr, Zagadka.
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Ferdinand D. Ladera, Digital Artist - Philippines
Ferdinand D. Ladera, Digital Artist - Philippines
55 RGB JPG Images | <2200x2750 | 28 MB
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Graphic Design Cookbook: Mix & Match Recipes for Faster, Better Layouts
Graphic Design Cookbook: Mix & Match Recipes for Faster, Better Layouts

Leonard Koren & R. Wippo Meckler
142 Pages PDF | 39 MB 

  • With 100,000 copies sold, Graphic Design Cookbook is one of the most useful all-purpose resources for designers and anyone who wants to create a dynamic layout for magazines, newsletters, books, posters, and other media. Now released with a fresh new cover, its more than a thousand line drawings illustrate effective design devices, type treatments, spatial solutions, and pictorial presentations, allowing examination and comparison of various options in no time. The Graphic Design Cookbook can be opened to virtually any page for instant access to great ideas. As a catalyst for cooking up endless new design recipes, this classic goes on inspiring one generation of designers to the next.
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StockMIX - Funny Frogs [3D renders]
7 JPG Images | <6400x4624 Pixels | 10 MB  
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2DArtist Magazines 2005-2013 Full Collection 92 Issues!
English | True PDF | 72 issue | 13 GB


  • 2DArtist is the magazine for CG artists around the globe, whether you already work in 2D or are just getting started. Each issue is full of techniques, tutorials, interviews, articles, project overviews and galleries – providing the perfect platform from which to improve your 2D skills, learn from the professionals and get inspiration for your next project.
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3DCreative - Latest Magazine Issues 095-096-097

3DCreative - Latest Magazine Issues 095-096-097
Issue 095 July 2013 - Issue 096 August 2013 - Issue 097 September 2013
High-Res PDF |  88-105-127 Pages | 92+92+117 MB
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3D.SK Human Photo References, 92 Female & 48 Male Models HQ!
92 Female & 48 Male Models in Shoot! | Total Size: 55 GB
Download Previews & Choose Your Models!
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1001 Paintings of Orientalists 1001xJPGs

1001 Paintings of Orientalists
About 160 authors represented in 1001 Orientalist Painting Reproductions
1001 JPG Images | Up to 3176x2524 Pixels | 611 MB
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Got3D - Tree & Vine 90 Textures with Alpha Files

72 tree textures with alpha channel files & 18 vine textures with alpha & bump files
hi-quality .jpg or .tga and all PSD files | RAR 625 MB <906 MB UnRAR
The collection consists of:Tree Textures - with Matching Alpha Textures.
5 Bush Textures, 38 Deciduous Tree Textures and 16 Winter Tree Textures.
Most Trees have a Texture Resolution around 2000 pixels.
All Tree Textures are saved in High Quality .JPG or .tga format.
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Aged Paper Texture Collection 181xJPGs

181 HQ JPG Textures | <7328x5184 Pixels | 472 MB

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MARCOM Graphic Design Awards - Gold Winners 505xADs
505 JPG Files | ~1600x1150 Pixels | 220 MB

  • The Marcom Award is a majestic symbol of artistic strength and finesse. The award signifies the attention to detail and creative achievement of Platinum and Gold Winners. The unique casting is created by R.S. Owens, the same craftsmen that produce the Oscar®, Emmy® and MTV Awards. The award stands 13 inches tall on a hardwood base and is personalized with the winner's name and entry information.
  • Unlike most competitions, MarCom entrants do not subsidize awards for the winners. Instead of charging up to several hundred dollars per entry, competition organizers decided to keep entry fees at a fraction of that cost and let the winners buy their own awards. The result is more affordable entry fees and a higher quality piece of art that winners and their clients are proud to display in their homes and offices.
  • Winning a Marcom Award gives recognition to the creative talent, firms, departments and/or clients that collaborate on outstanding marketing and communication projects. Platinum Winners are recognized on the MarCom web site and in the next year's Call for Entries. In addition, winners and clients tout their awards through their news releases to local media and on their web sites, newsletters and print materials.

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Point Lights 3D Models
3DMax 2008, VRay 1.5 sp1, materials, 14 models .max .obj .3ds + PDF
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Laszlo Gulyas - Hungarian Artist 472xJPGs
László Gulyás - Hungarian Artist MUST HAVE!
472 UHQ JPG Images of Paintings | 3870x2580 Pixels | 670 MB
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