Adam Arthouros Martinakis [3D Artist]

Adam Arthouros Martinakis [3D Artist] Portfolio
184 HQ JPG Render Images | Up to 1200x1600 Pixels | 48 MB
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Medieval European Sculptors - 3 [Artists, Works and Periods]
Medieval European Sculptors - 3 [Artists, Works and Periods]
590 JPG Images | <3072x2304 Pixels | Categorized | 440 MB
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Amazing Siberia UHQ 82xJPGs

Amazing Siberia

82 UHQ JPG Images | Over 16 MPixels | 700 MB
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Medieval European Sculptors - 1 [Artists, Works and Periods]
Medieval European Sculptors - 1 [Artists, Works and Periods]
628 RGB JPEG Images | <3072x2304 | 220 MB
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Russian and Soviet Artists - 330 Artists's Paintings 7730xJPGs with Infos
7165 RGB JPG Images with Info Text Files  | <7000x5000 Pixels (Including Small Sizes) | 2.04 GB
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Medieval European Sculptors - 4 [Artists, Works and Periods]
Medieval European Sculptors - 4 [Artists, Works and Periods]
573 JPG Images | <4672x2694 Pixels | 417 MB
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Medieval European Sculptors - 2 [Artists, Works and Periods]
Medieval European Sculptors - 2 [Artists, Works and Periods]
402 RGB JPG Images with brief text files| <3264x2448 Pixels | 170 MB
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iStockVideo - My dream lifestyle! Happiness, success, vacation, relaxation, joy, sky, heaven! HD1080
STOCK VIDEO: My dream lifestyle! Happiness, success, vacation, relaxation, joy, sky, heaven!
*.mov | 1440x1080 px @ 30 fps | 29.03 seconds | Source Codec HD: HDV 1080i60 | 87 MB
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100 years Of National Geographic Maps (1888-1999)

100 years Of National Geographic Maps (1888-1999)
536 UHQ JPG Images | 3508x4605 Pixels | 2.6 GB
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ImageToday - New Release II, 196 Fresh PSD Files!
ImageToday - New Release II, 196 Fresh PSD Files!
196 Multilayered New Release II, PSD Files
5616x3744 Pixels | RAR size: 12.5 GB < UnRAR size: 24.8 GB
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ImageToday - New Release I, 224 PSD Files!
ImageToday - New Release I
224 Multilayered New Release PSD Files
5616x3744 Pixels | RAR size: 16.7 GB < UnRAR size: 32 GB
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The Birds of America - John James Audubon, UHQ Scans

The Birds of America - John James Audubon [Year 1827-1838]
 435 Scanned Pages | Optimized JPGs | 6658x9581 Pixels | 3.43 GB


  • Birds of America - an album with pictures of birds in North America, a life-size, made ??the American naturalist John J. Audubon. Published parts of Edinburgh and London from 1827 to 1838. The first edition (180-200 copies) acknowledged masterpiece of book production and great rarity. "Birds of America" is the most expensive printed book ever sold at auction. In 1807 Audubon perfected the technique of zoological illustration, using wire and twine learning to give spontaneous poses stuffed birds that served as his models. By 1820, he set out to illustrate all kinds of birds that live in North America. Unable to find financing in the U.S., 40-year-old naturalist has collected available to him in the illustrations, and in 1826 sailed to Britain, where he managed to interest the project several well-known engravers of the time. To increase the number of subscribers of publication, Audubon went to lecture in Paris. As a result, "Birds of America" ??signed by many ladies of high society, including Charles X and Queen Adelaide. Over 9 years of every one to two months, subscribers in tin boxes received 5 new illustrated sheets 99 to 66 cm total of 435 published sheet total cost of 175 guineas. In order to circumvent the law to provide free copies to public libraries, lists were not provided with the text. unique edition was extremely high quality illustrations of coloring which worked about fifty people. Prints half the size of the human growth of the hand painted watercolors, Audubon himself also used pastel and gouache. At a time when the photo just made ??the first steps, detailed engraved illustrations have been claimed by zoologists, so great was not only aesthetic, but also the scientific importance of the publication. Images of different absolute accuracy, to the same six species of birds Audubon sealed by now extinct.
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TTC Museum Masterpieces: The National Gallery, London

TTC - Museum Masterpieces: The National Gallery, London

Taught by Catherine B. Scallen | Case Western Reserve University, Ph.D., Princeton University
24 lectures, 30 minutes/lecture | English | AVI | 4.3 GB

  • Professor Scallen is the perfect guide. Listening to her explicate these great works is like having a very smart friend, who also happens to be an expert in art, take you on a stroll through the gallery. Deeply learned, passionate about her subject, she has a rare gift for communicating the power of these great works, even if this is your first foray into the world of European painting. And if you already know and love these masterworks, Professor Scallen will surprise you with unexpected insights and keen observations that will help you see them with new eyes. Join Professor Scallen and see why the National Gallery, London is not only the pride of Great Britain, it's a treasure trove to be savored by anyone who appreciates fine art. 
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Classical Mythology - TTC Video DVDRip
TTC Video - Classical Mythology (2000) 
DVDRip | AVI / XviD 1301 Kbps | 560х416 | 29.97 fps | MP3 128 kbps | 7.27 GB
Language: English | Run Time: 24x30 min
  • From Athena to Zeus, the characters and stories of classical mythology have been both unforgettable and profoundly influential. They have inspired and shaped everything from great art and literature, to our notions of sexuality and gender roles, to the themes of popular films and TV shows.
  • Classical Mythology is an introduction to the primary characters and most important stories of classical Greek and Roman mythology. Among those you will study are the accounts of the creation of the world in Hesiod's Theogony and Ovid's Metamorphoses; the gods Zeus, Apollo, Demeter, Persephone, Hermes, Dionysos, and Aphrodite; the Greek Heroes, Theseus and Heracles (Hercules in the Roman version); and the most famous of all classical myths, the Trojan War.
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TTC Video - Classical Archaeology of Ancient Greece and Rome 
English | AVI | XviD | 640x432 | 29.97 fps | MP3, 128 kbps | ~36x30 min | 5.26 GB
  • Classical archaeology—the excavation and analysis of ancient Greek and Roman sites—was born on Wednesday, October 22, 1738. On that day, Roque Joaquín Alcubierre, an engineer in the army of the Bourbon royal family in Naples, was lowered by ropes down a square well shaft cut through volcanic material that had formed on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. When Alcubierre reached the bottom of the well, 65 feet below the surface, he began to wind his way through tunnels carved into the volcanic material, noting pieces of architectural elements as he went. This discovery became the first systematic study of the astonishingly intact ruins of the Roman city of Herculaneum, buried for 1,700 years in the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Alcubierre's recording of the artworks, colored marbles, inscriptions, lamps, and items of everyday life he discovered deep inside the earth marked the "Big Bang" of Classical archaeology—a quest to understand Greek and Roman culture through its material remains that continues to this day.
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Decorative Frame Collection, 172xPNGs Transparent
Decorative Frame Collection
172 Transparent PNG Files | 4667x3474 Pixels | 733 MB


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Santa Claus 2, 3 UHQ JPGs
3 UHQ RGB JPG Images | 5616x5616 Pixels | 44 MB 
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Santa Claus 1, 4 UHQ JPGs - SS
4 UHQ RGB JPG Images | 6060x4944 Pixels | 35 MB 
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New 23 Commercial Fonts
23 Commercial Fonts | 2 MB
Pixel Fonts:
Bulgaria Bourgas Cyr
Bulgaria Fantastica Cyr
Bulgaria Glorious Cyr
Bulgaria Line Extended
Bulgaria Outline Cyr
Bulgaria Raxel Cyr
Capital Cyr Regular
Copyright Cyr Regular
Copyright Cyr Bold
Dots Cyr Regular
KLMN Flash Pix 2004
Ontology KLMN
KLMN Flash Pix 2004
P-27 Circle
P-27 Square
National Fonts:
Keetano Katakana
Pixel Fonts:Bulgaria Bourgas Cyr, Bulgaria Fantastica Cyr, Bulgaria Glorious Cyr, Bulgaria Line Extended, Bulgaria Outline Cyr, Bulgaria Raxel Cyr, Capital Cyr Regular, Copyright Cyr Regular, Copyright Cyr Bold, Dots Cyr Regular, DPix_8pt, KLMN Flash Pix 2004, Ontology KLMN, KLMN Flash Pix 2004, Liss-Pix, P-27, P-27 Circle, P-27 Square.
National Fonts:Keetano Katakana, Melba, Rusticus, UkrainianMuseumCyr, Zagadka.
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Ferdinand D. Ladera, Digital Artist - Philippines
Ferdinand D. Ladera, Digital Artist - Philippines
55 RGB JPG Images | <2200x2750 | 28 MB
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