Gothic Fonts for PhotoShop 136xTTFs

Gothic Fonts for PhotoShop

136 TTF Fonts |  Compressed to 6 MB
Large font set in gothic style template!
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Fonts 2012, 616xTTFs

616 TTF & OpenType Premium Fonts 2012 Collection | Compressed to 132 MB
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New Fonts Set 2013 - 2, 106xTTF

New Fonts Set 2013 - 2

106 Fonts | TTF & OpenType | 35,5 Mb

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New Fonts Set 2013, 167xTTF

New Fonts Set 2013
167 Fonts Set TTF & OpenType | Compressed to 26 MB
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B&B Italia Furnitures - Tables, Chairs and Accessories 3D Model Collection

B&B Italia Furnitures - Tables, Chairs and Accessories 3D Model Collection

DWG, DXF, 3ds, Max, 3D-DWG, obj Quantity: 316 pcs | RAR 449 MB
  • CHAIRS: Alma, Aretusa Apta Collection, Calipso Apta Collection, Cosmos, El, Eunice Apta Collection, Febo Apta Collection, IUTA, Lazy 05, Melandra, Metropolitan, Musa Simplice Collection, Ottochairs, Papilio, Peplo Simplice Collection, Sina, Solo, Teti Simplice Collection and Vol AU Vent.
  • TABLES: Alceo Apta Collection, Archie, Argo Collection AC, Athos, Athos'05, Convivio Apta Collection, Cuma AC Collection, Eileen, Hans, Lens, Link, Collection Lucullo AC, Max Simplive Collection, Omero Apta Collection, Pathos Simplice Collection, Seven, Sibilla Simplice Collection, Simposio Apta Collection, The table and Xilos Simplice Collection.
  • LOW TABLES: Arke Apta Collection, Awa, Charles, Cosmos, Diesis, Digitable, Ebe Apta Collection, Eileen 03, Elios Simplice Collection, Fat fat, Fat fat-fat Lady, Lens, Simplice Collection Loto, Nix, Omero Apta Collection, Pathos Simplice Collection, Sidus Simplice Collection, Sina, The tables, Thronos Apta Collection and Xilos Simplice Collection.
  • LAMP: Leukon AC Collection.
  • FURNITURE FOR EXECUTIVE OFFICES: AC Executive and Progetto1.
  • COMPLEMENTS: Amphora Apta Collection, Arke Apta Collection, Arne, Astra Simplice Collection, Cicero Simplice Collection, Dado, Dip Double Dip, Elios Apta Collection, Eos AC Collection, Filemone Apta Collection, Frank, Lens, Luis, Max Simplice Collection, P60, Pathos Simplice Collection, Psiche Simplice Collection, Pyllon, Sella AC Collection, Shelf, Shelf X, Sidus Simplice Collection and Softwall.
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B&B Italia Furnitures - Beds 3D Model Collection
B&B Italia Furnitures - Beds 3D Model Collection
DWG, DXF, 3ds, Max, 3D-DWG, obj Quantity: 51 pcs. | Compressed to 404 MB < 1.65 GB

Afrodite Simplice Collection | Alcova AC Collection | Bauci Apta Collection

Charles | Demetra Apta Collection | Febo Apta Collection | Filemone Apta Collection
Lazy Night | Selene Apta Collection | Siena | Talamo AC Collection | Tufty Bed
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House Industries Fonts, 107 Sets & 872 Font Files
107 Font Groups and 872 Font Files | RAR size: 40 MB
  • Ashyhouse, Badhouse, Beachouse, Bighouse, Birdhouse, Blockhouse, Brickhouse, Bubblehouse, Bughouse, Bullet, Burbank, Burnthouse, Chalet, Chophouse, Cleanhouse, Clubhouse, Coffeehouse, Condemdhouse, Coop, Countryhouse, Crackhouse, Dirtyhouse, Doghouse, Dollhouse, Ed, Fink, Firehouse, Firstusa, Flyer, Fonts, Frathouse, Funhouse, Funkhouse, HalfwayHouse, Haulnhouse, HauntedHouse, HeadsoftheHouse, House, Gothic, House, Movements, HOUSE3009, House-a-rama, HouseArrest, HouseBroken, HouseCopy, HouseCut, HouseFly, HouseGothic, HouseholdItems, HouseHoliday, Housemaid, HouseMix, HouseofDeath, HouseofHorror, HouseofTerror, HousePaint, HouseParty, HouseSampler, HouseSawce, HouseTrained, Itchyhouse, Kathouse, LasVegas, Latino, Lighthouse, Luxury, Machohouse, Maddhouse, Messyhouse, Nastyhouse, Neutraface, Neutra, Condensed, Neutraface, Neutra, Display, Neutraface, Neutra, Text, Basic, Neutraface, Neutra, Text, Extras, Neutraface, Neutra, Text, Tab, Extras, Neutraface, Neutra, Text, Tabular, Nuthouse, Openhouse, Outhouse, Paperback, Phathouse, Playhouse, Poolhouse, Poorhouse, Powerhouse, Printhouse, Randumhouse, Roadhouse, Rougfhouse, Roundhouse, Scbyzhouse, Sckoolhouse, Shag, SignPainter, Simian, Slawterhouse, Slickhouse, Slophouse, SplitlevelHouse, Spookhouse, Springhouse, Squarehouse, Stakehouse, Strawhouse, Stunthouse, Tiki, Treehouse, Trickhouse, United, United, Italic, United, United, Sans, United, United, Serif, Vantasyhouse, VoodooHouse, Warehouse, Whachouse and Writtenhouse font groups.
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30 Fonts TTF | 3 MB
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Font Bureau 3rd Edition - OTF and TTF Fonts for MAC & PC
Fontbureau - Fonts for MAC&PC
OTF, TTF | RAR size: 150 MB < 212 MB
712 TTF, 133 OTF, 624 TYPE1 Fonts
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136 Free Cool Fonts, 50 Typefaces
136 Font Files of 50 Typefaces, OTF, TTF and EPS | RAR size: 8 MB
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12 New Font Collection
12 New Font Collection
12 TTF & OpenType Fonts | 9 MB
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Signature Fonts 113xTTF

Signature Fonts
113 TTF | PNG Preview | 28 MB
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Categories: Fonts
108 Scrap Fonts
108 TTF Font Files | RAR size: 3 MB
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Font Pack - Mega Collection
9480 Fonts | Compressed to 266 MB
  • This collection assembled 9480 different fonts (including a lot of business!) This set - the best way to find the universal font for all occasions or a special font for an elegant experimental project. "9480 Fonts Collection Pack" created specifically for designers, artists, aesthetes, publishers, advertisers, and just for those who have the font - a hobby.
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ClipArt Design - Ultimate Bike Art - Mini Pack
444 AI & EPS Files and PDF Catalogue | 54 MB
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Stock Layouts Design Collections Vol.1 & 2 - InDesign Broshures
Make a Brochure with Professional Templates. It’s easy, just download, edit and print!
INDD, EPS, JPG, PDF | 222 Mb | 54 Themes


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Joel Grimes - Nike\'s Photographer
154 HQ RGB JPEG Images | 1587x720 Pixels | 30 MB
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My Baby Love Kit - Florjuscrap
My Baby Love Kit - Florjuscrap
A charming collection of scrap-Florjuscrap 
- 15 Papers  in. Jpg, 3600x3600, 300dpi
- 90 items in. Png, size variable, 300dpi
100 Units in Stock | 161 MB
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Frameworks Collection 39xPSD

39 Multilayered PSD Files | 2480x3508 Pixels | RAR size: 1.9 GB

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30 Multilayered UHQ PSD Files | 7854х4076 Pixels | RAR size:1.43 GB
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Manning - Hello! HTML5 & CSS3 by Rob Crowther
"A user-friendly reference guide"
Manning Publications (October 2012) | ISBN: 1935182897 | PDF | 561 Pages | 19.3 MB
  • Hello! HTML5 & CSS3 is written for the web designer or developer who wants a fast, example-oriented introduction to the new HTML and CSS features. This snappy, user-friendly, and fun guide will get you started right away. Whether you’re building web pages, mobile apps, or desktop apps, you need to learn HTML5 and CSS3. So why wait? Hello! HTML5 & CSS3 is a smart, snappy, and fun way to get started now. In this example-rich guide to HTML5 and CSS3, you’ll start with a user-friendly introduction to HTML5 markup and then take a quick tour through forms, graphics, drag-and-drop, multimedia, and more. Next, you’ll explore CSS3, including new features like drop shadows, borders, colors, gradients, and backgrounds. Every step of the way, you’ll find hands-on examples, both large and small, to help you learn by doing.
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Wiley Publishing - Designing Information by Joel Katz
[Human factors and common sense in information design]
PDF | 226 Pages | 20 MB
  • Everything is designed. Most people have little understanding of the design process, but we all live with its results: a sign on the highway, an explanation of a medical procedure in an emergency room, a diagram on how to build a piece of furniture, a chart that shows us our assets, a ballot, a data-driven decision. Not everyone realizes this. Many people assume that things just emerge in their finished visual form, like Athena springing, fully armed, from Zeus’s forehead. This may explain why design isn’t always as good as it needs to be.
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ImageToday Design Source - Commercial 4
PSD | 1500px <> 6000px, 72-300 dpi | 35 PSD files | 2.31 Gb
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ImageToday Design Source - Commercial 3
PSD | 1500px <> 6000px, 72-300 dpi | 35 PSD files | 2.72 Gb
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ImageToday Design Source - Commercial 2
PSD | 1500px <> 6000px, 72-300 dpi | 35 PSD files | 2.58 Gb
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