Sailfin Font Family, 7 Fonts with WebFonts $178

Sailfin Font Family, 7 Fonts with WebFonts $178  | 24 MB
Designers Ronnie Dela Cruz
  • Sailfin is a condensed geometric typeface, and works best in text and display applications, such as headline, posters, signage, magazine, product branding, corporate branding, logos and titles. Several alternate characters are included in this typeface.
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Arapix - 12 Pixel Multilingual Latin-Arabic Pixel Font $69


Arapix - 12 Pixel Multilingual Latin-Arabic Pixel Font $69

Designer: Sylvain Mazas | OTF with WebFont |


  • Arapix is a 12 pixel high multilingual Latin-Arabic pixel font with incredible capabilities.
  • The Arapix is an almost traditional Naskh. It is elegant and easy to read even in very small sizes. It includes almost every feature you would expect from a high range Naskh font. Its humanistic look and feel fit perfectly to its Latin counterpart.
  • Arapix was originally designed for a web project that didn't see the light a few years back. It started with the idea of fitting both Latin and Arabic into a 12 pixel vertical grid. The latin glyphs fit properly within the vertical limits, but when it came to the arabic glyphs, it proved to be more challenging. Arabic letters with lower diacritic dots like the (Yeh-fina) or letters with accents above like the (Alef-Hamza-above) need much more space than any Latin letter. Add to this the fact that accents needs to be positioned above and below the glyphs. It is technically impossible to fit a (Yeh-fina-kasratan) or a (Alef-Hamza-above-shadda-damma) into 12 pixels. Initially the accents were dropped and not included in the design. Although it seemed impossible at the start, Sylvain found a solution in the end, including as many contextual alternates and contextual kerning as needed to avoid every collision between letters and diacritics, letters and accents, and diacritics and accents. The contextual kerning was added to achieve an even letter and word spacing in longer text.
  • Arapix is amazingly legible in small size on screen and in print. On the other hand, it also works perfectly as display titling font due to its unique and contemporary pixel approach. It can be used for screens with very low resolution as well as for high resolution screens and prints.
  • The new Arapix comes with various new features and new glyphs including Persian and Urdu letters, stylistic set, old style figures, contextual kerning, contextual alternates and a few icons too.
  • Enjoy the new Arapix and have fun with it.
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Clair De Lune Font Family with Webfonts $60

Clair De Lune Font Family with Webfonts $60

3 OTW Fonts with 3 WebFonts | 26 MB


  • Clair De Lune is part of the famous Suite Bergamasque, written by Claude Debussy in 1890, and published in 1905. It means Moonlight in French, a kind of romantic name. The name is exactly what I had in mind for this übercute font. Clair De Lune can be used to design postcards and posters, liven up websites and give your designs an overall happy feel. Clair De Lune was handmade using a 0.5 pen, eco friendly Italian paper and a wooden kitchen table.
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Quijibo Font Family with Webfonts $199

Quijibo Font Family with Webfonts $199
12 OTF and 12 WOFF Files | 46 MB
Support 12 Languages: English, Espanol, Turkish, Italiano, Poliski, Française,
Swenska, Hrvatski, Deutch, Portugues etc.
  • Hand-made slab serif. It’s cute, it’s versatile. It has a decorated version called Quijiboquail and a non-decorated version just called Quijibo. Each comes in three weights, plus italic. Each has 3,000+ kerning pairs.
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Monstro 4xOTF with Webfonts $48
Monstro 4xOTF with Webfonts $48
Monstro 4xOTF with Webfonts $48 | 45 MB


  • Monstro is a carefully hand-crafted typeface with different lettershapes on upper- and lowercase slots, although being an all-caps font. When working in OpenType savvy applications, the contextual alternates feature can take care of alternating the glyphs, preventing double letters from showing the same lettershape while bringing more spontaneity to your designs. There is also a set of stylistic alternates for added amusement: just turn on the stylistic alternates feature or pick the glyphs manually.
  • Monstro comes in 2 versions: sketchy and solid, both hand-drawn. And yet there is the matching picture font that brings a big bunch of irresistible monsters and other very cool graphic elements. Sans-serif and bold, useful and friendly, these fonts are quite perfect for a monsterful of purposes. I can tell that you are gonna be friends!
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Lamenta X - OTF with Webfont

Lamenta X - OTF with Webfont | Designers:  Daniel Viberg


  • All that remains from this once so proud and glorious antiqua are steel skeletons. Destroyed. Distorted. Ruins. The main focus and usage of LamentaX are headlines, posters for event graphics and music/media/game packaging. Lamenta X was revised 2012 and now hold a full character set of basic english/latin letters and west european diacritics!
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Ando Font Family 5xOTF $120

Ando Font Family 5xOTF | 15 MB


  • Ando is a condensed typeface family consisting of 5 weights. Its modular design works particularly well for headlines & display use, where its soft curves & distinctive letterforms can create an instant eye-catching effect. The fonts, provided in Opentype format, include standard ligatures, diacritics for most European languages and some Opentype features (case sensitive forms & proportional/tabular figures).
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TEN Collection, Season 1&2, 20xPSD


TEN Collection, Season 1&2 | RAR 1.55 GB < 3.4 GB
  • F0t0lia launches TEN COLLECTION, an online gathering of 10 influential international digital artists. Each artist will create an image based on a specific theme, and the resulting Photoshop PSD file, complete with all the details and layers, will be made available for download. Each month, you will find a new theme, a new artist, a new image and a new PSD file. It’s a rare and deep dive into the techniques and processes of some amazing digital artists. For the artists of TEN, it’s a chance to create an ecosystem of sharing and learning amongst the creative community.
  • Plunge into the PSD files of the best digital artists, and gain rare insight into how their graphic effects are created.
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Panamericana - 10 Types with Webfonts $89.9

Panamericana 10 Fonts $89.9

10 OTF, 10 WOFF Font Files | 40 MB


  • Panamericana is a family of calligraphic origin consisting of 10 styles: Blanca, Gris, Negra, Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Cinco, Seis and Dingbats (Dingbats includes 26 illustrations characters).
  • The blending of each and every one of these styles allows the designer to work with countless grunge characteristics that inject happiness and originality to any word.
  • All of the 10 fonts include the complete character set with lower and upper case letters, numbers, accents, diacritics, punctuation and monetary symbols. The fonts included in this family are available in the Open Type format and they are Mac and PC compatible.
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The Pepin Press Graphic Design Collection
The Pepin Press Graphic Design Collection
EPS, TIF, JPG, GIF, PCT, PCX | RAR 6.5 GB [Seperated by Theme]


1000 Decorated Initials

Batik Patterns

Chinese Patterns

Classical Border Design

Fancy Designs 1920

Geometric Patterns
Graphic Frames

Graphic Ornaments

Indian Textile Prints

Japanese Patterns

Patterns of the 1930s

Signs and Symbols

Special Packaging
Sport Pictures

Transport Pictures

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The Everything Kids' Halloween Puzzle And Activity Book
144 pages | 2003 | English | ISBN: 1580629598, 0613793196 | PDF | 22 MB
  • Fall is in the air-and all you can think of is this year's Halloween costume! What-or who-will you be this year? Just in time for your favorite holiday, The Everything® Kids' Halloween Puzzle & Activity Book is a must-have activity book that helps you get psyched up for the big event! You are personally invited to dive into a web of mazes, crossword puzzles, and brain teasers to discover how frighteningly fun Halloween can be.
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Gilles Ronin, "Drawing for Interior Designers"
Publisher: A&C Black | ISBN: 1408129914 | edition 2010 | PDF | 91 pages | 11 mb
  • This book is aimed at helping budding interior designers learn how to draw professional looking interior designs. It is accessible, beautifully illustrated and practical. Guidance is given on drawing perspective, floor plans, drawing furniture and renditions of rooms. Filled with sketches and drawings, this is the ideal guide to producing successful drawings of interior designs.
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ImageToday Design Source - Wedding
17 PSD Files | 4000px <> 2600px, 300 dpi | 611 MB
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Focus on the Fundamentals: Composing Photos by Peter Ensenberger

398 pages | Aug 31 2010 |ISBN: 024081505X| PDF | 65.5 Mb


  • As digital cameras and software packages become more advanced, seemingly by the minute, it has become easier than ever to overlook the basic elements which have always resulted in the best photographs, no matter how fancy (or primitive) the camera itself. Composition is the single most important aspect of creating great images, no matter what level of photographer you happen to be. No amount of digital wizardry can turn a badly composed image into a picture you would want to display. While many books on composition tend to overcomplicate the subject, this book breaks down everything you need to know into small, digestible chunks of information that you will actually remember once you're out and about taking pictures. Instead of plodding through long and complex pages of text, this book supplements the necessary information, such as the basics of the rule of thirds and how to get good highlights and shadows, with tons of gorgeous, full color images that actually show you what to do and how to do it, rather than just telling you what to try. You'll be amazed at the gorgeous images you'll create, whether your passion is for photographing your family, pets, travel adventures, nature, or anything else.
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Focus on the Fundamentals: Close-Up and Macro Photography by Branson C.
English | 200 pages | ISBN-10: 0240823982 | PDF | 13 MB
  • Want to get the best out of your digital camera? Not quite sure how to capture up-close shots? Want easy to follow, expert advice on the best ways to creatively capture macro shots you can be proud of?
  • This is your ticket to go beyond a snapshot to create a fine art print that you'll be so proud of. Macro and close-up photography involves a unique skill set in terms of exposure, lighting, and of course, composition in particular. You can take a quick photo of a sunflower in your back yard that will look mundane and typical OR you could learn how to take a picture of just a part of it-up close-and create a work of art. Let this book be your guide!
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Focus on the Fundamentals: Photographing People by 
Haje Jan Kamps
Published: 2011-04-18 | ISBN: 024081469X | PDF + MOBI | 156 pages | 74 MB


  • Taking good photographs of people is a combination of many factors: What is the best light for the subject? How should they stand? What aperture should you use for maximum impact? This easy-to-follow, highly visual guide to portraiture explains the technical and aesthetic considerations of creating great images. Step-by-step instruction, tips from an experienced professional photographer, project assignments and gorgeous photography make learning how to take good photos of people quick and easy. Aimed at beginners or amateurs toting a DSLR and wanting pointers on how to make their people photography really shine, this book offers the basics on composition, lighting, posing, street photography and post-production techniques in a fun and conversational manner. 
  • Highly visual guide to the most popular subject - people
  • Tip boxes, summaries and assignments make learning the techniques easier
  • Not just a photo technique book - advice on posing, backgrounds and lighting to make portraits stand out.
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Basic Fashion Design 05: Fashion Drawing, John Hopkins
Title: Basics Fashion Design: Fashion Drawing | Author: John Hopkins | Publisher: Ava Publishing
Year: 2009 | Format: PDF | Size: 25 Mb | Pages: 178 | Language: English

  • Basics Fashion Design: Fashion Drawing presents a fresh perspective on the basic principles and practices of contemporary drawing styles, applied to a fashion context. The title takes a practical approach in describing the process of fashion drawing, offering advice on the selection of materials and media, through to their different uses and applications in sketchbooks and artwork presentations. It also considers the theory and history of fashion drawing, discussing the stylized proportions of the fashion figure, and the range of styles used by contemporary designers; from quick sketches to sophisticated digital pieces.

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Panoramic New York City UHQ 165xJPG

Panoramic New York City UHQ 165xJPG
UHQ Panoramic New York City
 165 UHQ JPG Images | Up to 20992x10496 Pixels | 737 MB
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Panoramic Views of Historical Europe 292xJPG

Panoramic Views of Historical Europe 292xJPG

Panoramic Views of Historical Europe

292 UHQ JPG Images | Up to 14573x1200 Pixels | 301 MB

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Stock Photos - Windmill

55 UHQ JPG Images | <4272x2848 Pixels | 96 MB
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Transformers, 25 HQ PSD Files!
25 PSD Files | 4500x4500 Pixels | RAR 642 MB
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Rob Leuschke's 82 Script Fonts!
Famous Font Designer Rob Leuschke's 82 Script Fonts!
82 TTF Files | 47 MB | BUY FROM MYFONTS Total $2050
  • Rob Leuschke: A former lettering artist at Hallmark Cards, Rob Leuschke now has his own thriving design businesses, Alphabytes and the new TypeSETit. Growing up in St Charles, Missouri, where he still lives, Rob showed great artistic promise at an early age. He earned a BFA in graphic design at the University of Missouri at Columbia. After graduation, his stint at Hallmark Cards gave him the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the best lettering artists in the industry. Rob struck out on his own in 1987 and now boasts a long list of clients from all over the world. Rob has created over 250 custom typefaces, and his work has been exhibited in New York. Ambiance BT is Rob’s first typeface published by Bitstream, with more to follow. Rob Leuschke enjoys continued success as a lettering artist and graphic designer with emphasis on typography and hand-lettering. His work consists of design work for a number of products in multiple industries— social expression, advertising & visual communications, and multimedia. He graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (BFA) degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia with concentration in illustration and graphic design.
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YouWorkForThem - Unisect 12xTTF
YouWorkForThem - Unisect
12 TTF Fonts | 5 MB
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YouWorkForThem - Formation 10xTTF $60
YouWorkForThem - Formation
10 TTF Fonts | $60 | 6 MB
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Profonts Script Fonts Collection 21xOTF $630
Profonts Script Fonts Collection
21 OTF Fonts | $630 | 46 MB
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