Drawing Vector Graphics Drawing Vector Graphics
with Von Glitschka

Join illustrative designer Von Glitschka as he deconstructs the creative process to teach you how to develop and create precise vector graphics. The course begins with an overview of his methodology for design and drawing—analog methods that are vital to digital workflows. Next, discover how to prepare yourself and your client for the project by defining the scope and expectations early on. With the creative brief ready and ideation explored, Von jumps into sketching, refining, and creating vector graphics through simple build methods. He continues to art direct the work and conducts digital and physical presentations of the final designs. The last chapter includes some workflow enhancements designed to save you time and conserve your creative energy for future projects. Drawing Vector Graphics

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Topics include:

    What is illustrative design?
    Establishing a creative brief
    Defining client expectations
    Exploring creative thinking exercises
    Art directing your drawing
    Selecting an appropriate style for each project
    Drawing and thumbnail sketching
    Discerning anchor point placement
    Building vector drawings with shapes
    Presenting your illustrations

Introduction 2m 31s
Welcome 1m 26s 
Exercise files 1m 5s 
1. The Process 18m 36s
What is illustrative design? 54s 
A systematic creative process 1m 26s 
Exploring analog tools 2m 39s 
Exploring digital tools 13m 37s 
2. Creative Preparation 18m 31s
Creative preparation 1m 13s 
The creative brief 2m 25s 
Creative thinking methods 1m 2s 
Word associations 1m 55s 
Mind mapping 1m 55s 
Before. During. After. 1m 26s 
I think, therefore I design 2m 46s 
Selecting the appropriate style 2m 57s 
Using reference material 2m 52s 
3. Drawing Your Design 8m 50s
Solid creative foundation 53s 
Anyone can draw 2m 17s 
Thumbnail sketching 2m 34s 
Refining your drawn ideas 3m 6s 
4. Workflow Enhancements 44m 40s
Workflow enhancements 57s 
Keyboard shortcuts and recording actions 2m 25s 
Keyboard shortcuts and recording actions: Demo 13m 15s 
Using custom scripts 6m 44s 
Graphic styles and custom color palettes 8m 19s 
Using layers 7m 15s 
Toggling Smart Guides on and off 5m 45s 
5. Building Vector Shapes 38m 59s
Building your vector shapes 1m 0s 
A roadmap for vector building 4m 40s 
The clockwork method 7m 4s 
Prime point placement 3m 40s 
The point-by-point method 8m 22s 
The shape-building method 6m 46s 
Symmetry is your friend 6m 1s 
Art directing yourself 1m 26s 
6. Presenting Your Designs 19m 54s
Presenting your designs 1m 4s 
Presentation formats 5m 50s 
Revealing your designs 1m 36s 
Writing a design rationale 1m 56s 
Responding to client revisions 3m 46s 
Renewable creative energy 5m 42s 
Conclusion 49s
Next steps 49s 

fupfup Drawing Vector Graphics Drawing Vector Graphics Drawing Vector Graphics

14 Days Free Access to USENET
Free 300 GB with 10 GB High-Speed

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