Pixel film studios - Prointro volume 2
Pixel Film Studios - Prointro Vol.2 for Final Cut Pro X | 12 MB

"PROINTRO™ VOLUME 2 is a title pack with 30 uniquely designed titles made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X users. Achieve elegant looks featuring smooth animations. Each preset PROINTRO™ VOLUME 2 has customizable sliders, checkboxes, and color dabs that allow for easy altercations. Additionally, on-screen controls give Final Cut users complete control over the design, scale, position, and orientation."
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Pixel film studios - protext vol 5
Pixel Film Studios - Protext Vol.5 for Final Cut Pro X | 38 MB

PROTEXT™ Vol.5 gives the user 138 text animation presets to choose from. With PROTEXT™ Vol.5 users can animate their text on a custom shape or line path. Have total control over range, phase, path roundness, path offset, text location, alignment, path point controls, origin, amplitude, shape scale, shape overall position, path point positions in shape paths and line paths, and more with a click of a mouse all with in Final Cut Pro X.

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Adobe Acrobat XI Pro 11.0.7 Multilingual



Adobe Acrobat XI Pro 11.0.09 Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 945 MB


Adobe® Acrobat® XI Pro is more than just the leading PDF converter. It's packed with smart tools that give you even more power to communicate. Easily, seamlessly, brilliantly.

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VOX 2.1.1 MacOSX
VOX 2.1.1 MacOSX | 25 MB

 It just sounds better! The beauty is in its simplicity, yet behind the minimal exterior lies a powerful music player with a ton of features & support for all audio formats you should ever need.


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Quicken 2015 (Mac OS X)
 Quicken 2015 (Mac OS X) | 55 MB

Quicken 2015 helps you manage all your personal finances in one place, so you can see where you're spending and where you can save. Quicken automatically categorizes your financial transactions, helps you stay on top of bills and set goals so you can save more. You can even access your data on the go.
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Pixel Film Studios - Proshutter: Plugin for Final Cut Pro X | 30 MB

Final Cut Pro X users can now adjust shutter speed and more all with a click of a mouse. With PROSHUTTER™ users can choose from an arrangement of capture modes, such as, light trails, motion blur, echo, light echo, and light motion blur. Users have total control over delay, decay, luma rolloff, light sensitivity, trail duration, blur strength, duration, and more all with in Final Cut Pro X.

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Coollector Movie Database 4.2.7 Retail MacOSX

Coollector Movie Database 4.2.7 Retail MacOSX | 113 MB

Coollector Movie Database is the only program to combine a personalized movie database with a video collection manager. The closest programs are just video collection managers.


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Antetype 1.6.1 MacOSX
 Antetype 1.6.1 MacOSX | 325 MB



Antetype is a high fidelity interface design tool that lets you express your interactive UX ideas for any screen. It allows you to communicate design and behavior in one file to developers, customers and users.

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SketchUp Pro 2014 14.1.1283 MacOSX
SketchUp Pro 2014 14.1.1283 MacOSX | 105 MB

SketchUp Pro - a program for the development of three-dimensional models of houses , garages , terraces, outbuildings , wood projects, and even spaceships. SketchUp Pro includes the following products : SketchUp; LayOut; Style Builder. SketchUp Pro projects are saved in *. Skp. 


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Algoriddim Djay 4.2.3 (Mac OS X)
Algoriddim Djay 4.2.3 (Mac OS X) | 22 MB

djay transforms your Mac into a DJ system and void, allowing you to mix your iTunes music library on a hyper-realistic interface turntable. Perform live, record mix on the fly, or enable Automix mode and let djay mix your favorite playlist automatically. With unprecedented ease of use and innovative features like Harmonic Match ™, djay takes DJing to the next level and offers a unique experience for beginners and professionals alike.


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DivX Pro Plus 10.2.3 (Mac OS X)
 DivX Pro Plus 10.2.3 (Mac OS X) | 84 MB

DivX introduces the latest codec and enables high quality DivX HEVC video creation and video streaming with existing DivX tools. Based on the newest video compression standard, DivX HEVC strives to deliver up to 50% better compression than its H.264-based predecessor, DivX Plus HD.


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PhotoStyler 6.8 Bilingual Retail MacOSX
PhotoStyler 6.8 Bilingual Retail MacOSX | 58.31 MB

PhotoStyler is the easiest way to style your digital photos with your Mac. This simple, fast and accurate native solution combines the powers of Apple’s core technologies with the flexibility and efficiency of proprietary application-specific modules. PhotoStyler supports all image formats that are supported by MacOS including RAW images, it uses your GPU to process the photos wherever possible, and it turns photo styling work into fun. Once you’ve used PhotoStyler to style your first photo you’ll appreciate the speed with which you’re able to achieve results you’ll love.


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Zepheer 2 v2.3 Bilingual Retail MacOSX | 80.5 MB

Zepheer is designed to be a best friend of every photography enthusiasts on Mac OS. This small app delivers dozens built-in photo styles and allows to make your photos warm, charming, beautiful, impressing, to give them the soul - even when the photos were taken with a low-end camera and bad conditions.


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iSkysoft Video-Editor 3.5.1 MacOSX
iSkysoft Video-Editor 3.5.1 MacOSX | 64 MB



Easily make movies, edit audio, apply effects and share your new movie on YouTube, Facebook, TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and more. You can also burn edited video to DVD in no time to preserve and share. It has every common tool you need to enhance your clips with a few clicks, and professional filter effects and intro/credit clips bring your video to the next level instantly.

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Hands Off! 2.2.0 MacOSX | 14 MB

Hands Off! is an application to monitor and control the access of applications to your network and disks. Being able to monitor the normally unnoticeable activities enables you to make informed decisions regarding the transfer of your private information, hence avoiding confidential information leakage.
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Pacifist 3.2.12 MacOSX
 Pacifist 3.2.17 MacOSX | 25 MB

Pacifist is an application for Mac OS X that opens up .pkg installer packages, .dmg disk images, .zip, .tar. tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .pax, and .xar archives and more, and lets you extract or install individual files out of them.
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Deckset 1.3.1 (Mac OS X)
Deckset 1.3.2 MacOSX | 38 MB

Deckset is a new, simple way to create presentations. Open your favourite text editor, write down your thoughts and Deckset will turn them into beautiful presentations. Focus on your ideas, not on designing slides.
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Topaz Detail 3.2.0 DC 20.06.2014 for Adobe Photoshop
Topaz Detail 3.2.0 MacOSX | 55 MB

Topaz Detail puts unique detailing capabilities right at your fingertips. Built with one-of-a-kind technology, this plug-in is invaluable for photographers who want precise and intricate detailing abilities that will help achieve high-quality enhancements.  


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Topaz ReMask 4.0.0 for Adobe Photoshop
  Topaz ReMask 4.0.0 MacOSX | 37 MB

Topaz have released the new version of popular masking tool ReMask for both Win and Mac.
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 Megapack for iWork 2013 v2.1 MacOSX | 789 MB

The best of both worlds and platinum package of documents, presentations, and spreadsheets for iWork and Microsoft Office.
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Snagit 3.1 (Mac OS X)
Techsmith Snagit 3.2 (Mac OS X) | 38 MB

Snagit helps you transform the level and quality of your communication with video and images. You can quickly provide better feedback, encourage teamwork, and change the way you work together to get things done.
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WinX HD Video Converter 5.0.7 (Mac OS X)


WinX HD Video Converter 5.0.7 (Mac OS X) | 25 MB



 WinX HD Video Converter for Mac is all-in-one Mac HD video converter software, providing Mac user professional HD video converting solutions. It can convert Blu-ray videos and HD videos from HDTV and HD-camcorders (JVC, Panasonic, Sony, Cannon, etc.) to other HD or standard formats, such as HD AVI, HD MPEG, HD TS, Quick Time HD, FLV, WMV, MOV.

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AceReader Elite 10.0.5 (Mac OS X)
 AceReader Elite 10.0.5 (Mac OS X) | 54 MB

 AceReader Elite includes Tests, Drills, and Games designed to assess and improve your reading skills. The program allows you to have the level of control that suits your needs. It includes three methods of operation: Course Mode, Menu Mode, and Reading Mode.


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MacX DVD Ripper Pro 4.5.5 (Mac OS X)
MacX DVD Ripper Pro 4.5.5 (Mac OS X) | 36 MB

MacX DVD Ripper Pro - ultimate DVD backup and ripping software brings you the best DVD ripper for Mac to rip DVD to iPhone/5/4S, iPad/2/3, iPod, Apple TV, Android, HTC, Samsung, XOOM, Galaxy Tab, PSP, etc.
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Ember 1.8.1 MacOSX
Ember 1.8.1 (Mac OS X) | 24 MB

If you are building the image for a project for a client screenshots, or just for yourself, what would get them later, the Ember is an indispensable assistant to you. Organizational tools applications, greatly simplify the grouping of images.


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