Comfort On Screen Keyboard Pro v5.1.4.0 Portable

Comfort On Screen Keyboard Pro v5.1.4.0 Portable | 4.8 Mb

Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro application was designed to display a unique virtual keyboard on the screen that will allow you to use the mouse pointer to type the way you do it with the regular keyboard.Comfort On-Screen Keyboard will help you control the process of typing without moving your eyes from the keyboard to the monitor and back all the time. It will decrease the strain on your eyes and neck and, as a result, will help you avoid headaches.

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Ubiquitous Player 4.5 Silent Installation + Portable

Ubiquitous Player 4.5 + Portable | 5.99/6.49 Mb

Ubiquitous Player is All-In-One multimedia player, web browser, image viewer, text editor and file manager. Ubiquitous Player jumps to the software world as a new and useful All-in-one multimedia player. It tries to cover all necessities and, in fact, it offers you a good range of actions that can make it a good tool if you need to do several tasks from the same interface. You can view pictures, watch video, write notes, write texts, use a built-in calendar, surf the web,... and even play Tic Tac Toe!

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Synium MacFamilyTree v6.2.9 Multilingual Mac OS X
Synium MacFamilyTree v6.2.9 Multilingual Mac OS X | 92.4 MB

MacFamilyTree makes it easy to enter and then visualize your family history. Be it creating reports, diagrams or browsing your data in the innovative 3D view called Virtual Tree - MacFamilyTree offers a solution for every task. Get an overview of where you hail from and maybe enthuse your relatives about exploring your family's past at your upcoming family reunion. In its sixth iteration, MacFamilyTree 6 raises the bar even higher and offers a new user interface, more and better charts as well as reports, integration of "New FamilySearch", ToDo management, web research and several more features. MacFamilyTree 6 is built for Mac; and only for Mac using the latest Apple technologies.

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ExtremeCopy 2.1.0 PRO + Portable

ExtremeCopy 2.1.0 PRO + Portable | 7.88/11.5 Mb

ExtremeCopy is a Windows copy file utility which copy and move files and folders extremely fast and operation is simple,it can increase 20% ~ 120% speed up than Windows copy handler. It includs some powerful features such as pause copy process, error recovery and so on but as easy as Windows default copy handler.

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basICColor display 5.0.3 Mac Os X
basICColor display 5.0.3 | Mac Os X | 53 MB

The 5th generation of the leading application for monitor calibration and ICC-profiling has been drastically improved in ease of use and functionality. 5 pre-defined settings can be used with a mouse-click right from the start page. This covers for most situations for which a monitor calibration is needed. Parameters for special requirements can be configured for a 6th button. This makes basICColor display the easiest to use and most professional software of its class. The optional high-end colorimeter basICColor DISCUS offers the precision and stability of a lab-grade instrument for desktop monitor calibration and profiling for the first time ever.

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WebSmartz Flash Design Studio

WebSmartz Flash Design Studio | 44 Mb

Create amazing Flash Intros, Banners, Menus, Text Animations, Slideshows and Buttons in minutes with predesigned templates and customize them with easy to use tools for text, transitions, backgrounds, graphics, sounds, effects and more.With this flash design software, there is no need to have the knowledge of flash programming to achieve even the most complicated effects. Flash Design Studio has a user friendly interface. Even a novice can use this flash creator to quickly create flash samples.

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Kaspersky TDSSKiller Portable

Kaspersky TDSSKiller Portable | 1.96 Mb

Kaspersky TDSSKiller is a small powerful tool to detect and remove rootkits, malicious programs that surreptitiously introduced into the system and hooks system functions. Kaspersky TDSSKiller designed to combat malware family Rootkit.Win32.TDSS (Tidserv, TDSServ, Alureon); bootkit; rootkits. Works without installation and can be run as a normal and safe mode. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

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Bluebeam PDF Revu eXtreme 10.0.0

Bluebeam PDF Revu eXtreme 10.0.0 | 2.2 MB

Bluebeam PDF Revu eXtreme is the complete PDF solution designed for power users who want to do more. In fact, once you start using eXtreme, you'll find that it's more efficient, more powerful, and more reliable than any other product of its kind.

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ProfLT 10.4

ProfLT 10.4 | 4.73 Mb

ProfLT is an excellent choice if you want to draw longitudinal and transversal profiles in AutoCAD or other CAD software. The program allows easy generation of profiles, including the possibility to use the 3D model made with TopoLT and can be configured for many situations.

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Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 SP1 Update2 Linux ISO (x86/x64)
Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 SP1 Update2 Linux ISO (x86/x64)
Team: TBE | OS : Linux | 1.81 GB
Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE parallel software development suite combines Intel's industry-leading C/C++ compiler and Fortran compiler; performance and parallel libraries; error checking, code robustness, and performance profiling tools into a single suite offering.

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Music MP3 Downloader

Music MP3 Downloader | 6.8 Mb

Music MP3 Downloader is easy to use software which enables you search and download over 100 million MP3 in the largest music network.

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Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 SP1 Update2 ISO
Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 SP1 Update2 ISO
Team: TBE | OS : Windows | 1.2 GB
Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE parallel software development suite combines Intel's industry-leading C/C++ compiler and Fortran compiler; performance and parallel libraries; error checking, code robustness, and performance profiling tools into a single suite offering.

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Auto Hide IP

Auto Hide IP | 6 MB

Auto Hide IP - Hide Your IP Address, Surf Anonymously, Protect Your Identity, Guard Against Hackers. Be careful! Have you ever been aware of your IP adress? Your IP exactly points to your location, with very high precision, right to the door of your apartment. Every time you visit a website, your IP address is completely exposed.

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JetBrains TeamCity Enterprise 7.0.2a
JetBrains TeamCity Enterprise 7.0.2a | 358 MB

JetBrains TeamCity Enterprise - Innovation, an independent development environment for effective collaboration on the code, and Java applications. NET. TeamCity comes bundled with plug-ins for Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, and IntelliJ IDEA, which provide productive opportunities for integrated development environments. TeamCity automates and coordinates key collaborative processes, ensures tight integration with numerous development tools, as well as speed up and simplify the process of testing and analysis of application code.

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Jeppesen Data Cycle 1207 Full World + Europe VFR (04.2012)
Jeppesen Data Cycle 1207 Full World + Europe VFR (04.2012) | 3.9 GB

The following tables show the effective dates for NavData cycles. NavData provides the latest navigational data for your flight planning software and may also carry the latest version of the program. NavData Updates are available for download up to 10 days prior to the effective date.

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MyLanViewer 4.9.13 + Portable

MyLanViewer 4.9.13 + Portable | 5.4 Mb

MyLanViewer is a simple LAN scanner for your home network. It displays your network computers an easy to read, buddy-list style window that provides the machine names, IP addresses, MAC addresses, shared resources and other technical details for each computer. You can also view and access shared folders, terminate user sessions and disable shared resources. Easy to install and use, has friendly and beautiful interface.

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VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2012 8.1 Build 646643
VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2012 8.1 Build 646643 | 471 MB

VMware Workstation - a program designed for workstations, allows to emulate a standalone computer in a working environment of the operating system and work with him as with a conventional system. With this method you can install different operating systems and applications for them, go online and do everyday tasks, but with somewhat slower speeds. The benefit of this method is tested various software under various operating systems, without causing harm to the current system, installed on my main computer, as well as some test hardware solutions. Could life greatly facilitate cross-platform applications and lovers to work with the new OS.

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Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2013 (x86/x64) by m0nkrus
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2013 (x86/x64) by m0nkrus | 1.59 GB

AutoCAD LT 2013 is designed to develop and detail 2D-drawings. The program automates most of the stages of the project. A complete set of 2D instructions allows you to create drawings, modify them and produce a working documentation for projects. The program provides native support for DWG format and reliability, but also contains powerful tools to increase productivity drawing. Through this project files can be easily transferred to other specialists. In addition, you can customize the user interface to fit your needs.

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IDM UltraCompare Professional Portable

IDM UltraCompare Professional Portable | 11 Mb

A complement to your file management suite, UltraCompare Professional is loaded with features to enable you to compare text files and folders, as well as zip files and jar archives. Text file compare features include binary and text compare of two or three text files at a time, with the ability to merge text differences between compared files. Folder compare supports comparison of local/network directories (and subdirectories with recursive folder compare) and zip file compare as well, and like text/binary compare, you can merge differences between compared directories. With automatic integration with UltraEdit or UEStudio, UltraCompare Professional is a compare tool you should not be without!

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Perfect Uninstaller Datecode 09.04.2012

Perfect Uninstaller Datecode 09.04.2012 | 3.5 Mb

Perfect Uninstaller is a better and easier way for you to completely uninstall any unneeded application that standard Windows Add/Remove Program can't remove. Have you ever been bothered with software applications that can't be uninstalled by the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs? You are the right place!

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