Q&A Script - Ask and Answer Network Script v1.2.0 - Ask.fm Clone

Q&A Script - Ask and Answer Network Script v1.2.0 - Ask.fm Clone | 17,7 MB

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CodeCanyon - Wordpress File Center v1.1

CodeCanyon - Wordpress File Center v1.1 | 69,4 KB

Have you ever wanted to use your wordpress install as a file manager as well? Now you can!
Use the wordpress admin panel to add users and files, as well as manage them and delete them.
Give your clients/users login details for them to view the files and stop unwanted users viewing them.
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CodeCanyon - Awesome Builder v1.2 - Drag & Drop Page Builder

CodeCanyon - Awesome Builder v1.2 - Drag & Drop Page Builder | 3,61 MB

Awesome Builder is a WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder and shortcodes generator that offers the best solution you need to build a modern web page in the easiest way ever.
You don't have to add any new blocks, just use your current widgets as we support all widgets
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CodeCanyon - Z-News Multimedia Post v1.9

CodeCanyon - Z-News Multimedia Post v1.9 | 929 KB

Z-News Multimedia Post is a plugin of news with multimedia options. Can be configured video (Youtube, Vimeo, MP4 and FLV), audio (MP3), image and html content (using the Wordpress editor). The plugin has features Touch Swipe, Drag and responsive layout. See some examples by clicking "Live Preview".
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MediaLink Pro - WordPress Plugin

MediaLink Pro - WordPress Plugin | 1,14 MB

Automatically share all your new WordPress posts and pages on the top 16 social bookmarking sites and get authority backlinks. If you only post once a week for a year, that's over 832 backlinks created by MediaLink on autopilot. MediaLink is incredibly easy to use, simply set it and forget it.
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CodeCanyon - Facebook Timeline Covers v1.0.2

CodeCanyon - Facebook Timeline Covers v1.0.2 | 9,26 MB

Facebook Covers allow you to make your very own Facebook timeline cover Website. it's a complete solution that lets you and users upload, organize, user and share Facebook timeline covers.
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CodeCanyon - Take Away App v3

CodeCanyon - Take Away App v3 | 9,00 MB

'Take Away App' lets your clients order items from your take away on their Android Tablet/Phone. It features a very easy to navigate Menu and Cart system. Each item has its own profile page which can include a more detailed description. The order will then be sent to you via SMS or Email. Click here for a demo app.
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CodeCanyon - Premium URL Shortener v4.0

CodeCanyon - Premium URL Shortener v4.0 | 3,67 MB

Premium URL Shortener is an awesome URL shortener script packed with many unique features. It has been built from scratch with performance in mind. Some of the features include geotargeting, premium membership, powerful dashboard and admin panel and a series of CMS tools to help you build your dream.
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WordPress Plugin - Retargetengine v1.1.4

WordPress Plugin - Retargetengine v1.1.4 | 122 KB

"Learn how retargeting can improve your conversion rate on Facebook ads!
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CodeCanyon - MyMail V1.6.6 - Newsletter Plugin for Wordpress

CodeCanyon - MyMail V1.6.6 - Newsletter Plugin for Wordpress | 11,8 MB

A super simple Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress to create, send and track your Newsletter Campaigns

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CodeCanyon - Woocommerce SEO v1.1.3

CodeCanyon - Woocommerce SEO v1.1.3 | 132 KB

Although Woocommerce is a great eCommerce plugin, it's not very SEO friendly and there are a number of things can can be improved to make it more optimised for the search engines. Thats where the Woocommerce SEO plugin comes in.
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Islamic Social Center WordPress Theme - TM37395


| 18 MB | DEMO |
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Super menu pack (10 menus) - 98066



Super menu pack is a collection of 10 cool menus, 5 in pure css and 5 using jQuery framework for customize or layout with your websites or applications and projects.

| 8 MB | DEMO|

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WelStory v2.0 - 6434272



WelStory is a perfect story record tools in the world. Share the most emotional moment from your wedding, the funniest video of your kids ! Use it as an e-diary, an e-notebook, use it to record your life as a story. It supports three ways of story recording: Video story, audio story and text story.

| 15 MB | DEMO |

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Gym / Fitness Club Management and Administration - 6429467



Gym management system is an easy-to-use gym and health club membership management system. It helps you keep records of your members and their memberships, and allows easy communication between you and your members. Gym Management system is also feature-packed, helping you in the management and growth of your club.

| 3 MB | DEMO |

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MailWizz - Email Marketing Application v1.3.3 - 6122150



MailWizz EMA is a simple, efficient and full-featured email marketing application with an impressive features set. You can use it to manage the email marketing for all your websites, having everything email related in one place. MailWizz EMA makes email marketing tasks easier, it doesn’t matter if you are experienced or just a beginner in the industry, and it follows the idea that email marketing should be accessible to everyone, as simple as possible. 

| 14 MB | DEMO|

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readyChat v1.3.0 - 5780613



readyChat is a brand new chat product from DesignSkate. Greatly improving upon our previous product “moChat”. readyChat is more optimized, smoother and enjoyable for both the administrator(s) and the user(s).

| 1 MB | DEMO |

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Sorting WooCommerce Pro v2.0 - 5771321



Sorting WooCommerce Pro gives you complete control over sorting the products in your WooCommerce shop page and the sorting dropdown list.

| 10 MB | DEMO |

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Easy Chat PHP Live Support v1.1 - 5150159


Easy Chat is a powerful, yet simple PHP chat system that requires NO DATABASE and near zero configuration.
| 1 MB | DEMO |
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Smart Options Optimizer v2.0 - 4562514



This is not a magical plugin that can simply remove unused options. It requires some patience and following instructions to get best results. If you expect one click removal of unused options, please don’t buy this plugin.

| 1 MB | DEMO|

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