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Royal Collection - Princess Exp


A beautiful texture expansion for B25 Royal Collection Princess Gown.



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The World of Interiors Magazine - September 2012
The World of Interiors Magazine - September 2012
English | 160 Pages | PDF | 87MB

The World of Interiors is the most influential and wide-ranging design and decoration magazine you can buy. Inspiring, uplifting and unique, it is essential reading for design professionals, as well as for demanding enthusiasts craving the best design, photography and writing alongside expert book reviews, round-ups of the finest new merchandise, plus comprehensive previews and listings of international art exhibitions.

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The Royal Princess


The Royal Princess outfit for Victoria 4 is full of charm and elegance. The outfit contains Crown,Necklace,Gloves and The Gown. Features fits for Morphs++, Aiko4, Stephanie 4, The Girl 4 and the Elite Morphs.

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Olive Hair - 2 in 1


Olive Hair is a high quality pigtail hairstyle for Victoria 4, Aiko 4, The Girl 4, Kids 4 and Mavka.


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RedStar for V4/A4


The hunters become the hunted with this fantasy style outfit for Victoria 4.2 and Aiko 4. Includes fits for the V4 Elite Morphs.

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IMPACTS: Hide is a new high quality outfit package for Victoria 4, Aiko 4 and The Girl 4.
It includes a conforming top, conforming skirt and a pair of conforming ankle pumps.

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Scrap kit Wings Of Love

Scrap kit Wings Of Love

72  PNG| 16 JPG| 5 Clusters|  10 Clusterframes| 9 QP

4 Temp| Alpha|3600x3600PX|506 Mb

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Gia Hair


Gia Hair is a polygonal morphing hair prop styled in a waved bob cut.

Gia Hair is built for Genesis while the hr2 version has preset fits for Millennium 4 characters. It also has fitting and movement dials for your custom use. Custom fitting dials allow you to mix them together to match your own custom character (ex. Aiko4=0.3 plus American=0.3).

Various texture map colors are included plus diffuse color setting samples. The diffuse color samples show how you can easily create your own tints by changing the diffuse color of the hair.

Please click the "Product Documentation Wiki" link for more images, info and possible updates.

Additional info:

Specular Highlights are from scene lights, not "baked" or painted on.
UV mapped to efficiently cover full square map and minimise noticable patterns or repeating.
Texture maps are based on original hair photographs and scans mixed with hand painted strands.
Optimised shader presets for Poser and DAZ Studio.
Modelled non-symmetrical to increase realism.
Strands individually reshaped to avoid looking like identical repeated geometry.
Geometry is relatively light yet smooth, Gia is 31,000 quads, ~4MB obj.
Please view the Features list below for more detail on this particular model.


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Angel of Death


The Most feared angel in the universe has come to life, original figure by Midnight_stories. Comes with one of the most flexible sets of wings, on the market today. 8 head morphs to give you a full range of expressions. Easy pose sleeves and robe tail Dials, hand grip dials and a great set of wing movement dials. The robe has 5 different colours and the wings have 10 mat/INJ. A smart prop Scythe and 10 dynamic poses. This is a must have for Halloween.


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Big Daddy Dracula by Vampiros Hermosos


“I don’t trust a guy talks funny. That’s just me. One night last year, squad’s on a training mission. Desert wind, stars, Buddy Holly on the jeep radio. Sergeant says pull over, what’s that. We pull over. Tall fella standin’ in the brush, only he ain’t alone, he’s got animals. We say ‘Mister, you might watch out with all them ki-otes.’ That’s what everbody calls ‘em, “KI-otes.” And he says, get this, “These ‘coy-O-tays’ are no concern of yours, they know the secrets of the night.”

“Coy-O-tays?” Well, right away we’re thinking foreigner. Maybe even a commie infiltrator or spy.

Sergeant draws on him, man, that was all she wrote.

I heard a roar, and dived under the jeep. Woke up, the squad was gone, but the tall fella had even more ki-otes with him. Heck, maybe they was “coy-O-tes”. Sgt J. Bodine, US Army, ret.

The King of Vampires goes Southwest! Try Big Daddy Dracula™ from Vampiros Hermosos™, the premium custom character for M4 by Tony Puryear and Damsel1, creators of Vampire Frida™. He comes in two custom flavors, old-school Original Recipe and older-school Extra Crispy!

Try all the Vampiros Hermosos™ characters, and scare yourself silly!

For more information please visit our website at Vampiros Hermosos

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Template summer photobook - Summer History

Template summer photobook - Summer History
9 PSD | 7087 х 3543 px | 300 dpi | 2,18 GB
Cover and 8 reversals, the font in a set
Save your summer memories in the photo book.
Spreads can be used to print individual frames, or photo books at once.
The set of frames will accommodate all of your best photos.
Preview of turns under the cut.
Author: Neco

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Birthday Party - Projects for After Effects (VideoHive)
Birthday Party - Projects for After Effects (VideoHive)
After Effects Version CS5 | 1280x720 | mov | 530 mb

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Habsburgic Castle


Inspired by Miramar Castle in Trieste (Italy), this is a dreamy, romantic and even dramatic castle, with lots of towers, balconies and windows.

I present this castle in both Poser/DAZ Studio and Carrara format, with two ready to use setups, one using high resolution textures (4096x4096 pixels) and the other using low resolution textures (2048x2048 pixels).


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M4 Elite Ethnic Faces


Take an international trip with Michael 4 and transform him into a variety of ethnic characters with these completely new facial morphs.


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