Kaspersky [KIS,KAV,Workstation] Activation Keys 17.12.2010

Kaspersky [KIS,KAV,Workstation] Activation Keys 17.12.2010 | 5.6 Mb

Kaspersky Activation Keys for Kaspersky Internet Secutiry and Kaspersky Antivirus [NEW KEYS] for v7[2008] v8[2009] v9[2010].
Keys were Updated on UPDATE DAILY. All Keys working on 100%.

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Santa PSD
Psd | 300 Dpi | 4724x3543 | 59 mb
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The best collection of wallpapers. Part. 324

The best collection of wallpapers. Part. 324
180 JPG | 2560x1600-1920x1200-1600x1200 and other | 105 mb(rar)
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Digital Tutors - Introduction to Rotoscoping in AutoDesk Tox - FS Links
Digital Tutors - Introduction to Rotoscoping in AutoDesk Tox | 249.65 MB
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Cyberbranding - Brand Building in the Digital Economy

Deirdre Breakenridge - Cyberbranding: Brand Building in the Digital Economy
Publisher: Financial Times/Prentice Hall | 2001-05-11 | ISBN: 0130897108 | PDF | 368 pages | 13.40 MB

Framework for integrating marketing strategies for the Internet with traditional marketing strategies. Shows how to move a brand online without affecting its value, how to re-engineer an existing brand to better suit the new Internet economy, and how to create new brands that sell well on the Web. DLC: Brand choice.
It has become fashionable in recent months to beat up on the Internet evangelists who told us how brands like eToys and Furniture were going to make the world forget about Toys "r" Us and Ethan Allen. The notion that young, aggressive entrepreneurs were going to change the rules of business and steal the bread off the tables of traditional companies was too good a story to ignore. Netscape's Marc Andreessen and Yahoo's Jerry Yang and David Filo were poster children for the new era. Stock options promised to turn even low-level programmers into millionaires.
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Beautiful selection of wallpapers. Part 323

Beautiful selection of wallpapers. Part 323
120 JPG,PNG | 2560x1600-1920x1200-1600x1200 and other | 111 mb(rar)

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Creative DSLR Photography - The ultimate creative workflow guide

Creative DSLR Photography: The ultimate creative workflow guide By Chris Weston, Chris Coe
Publisher: Focal Press 2009 | 200 Pages | ISBN: 0240521013 | PDF | 16 MB

Amongst the wealth of books aimed at helping you to understand and use your camera equipment and software, Creative DSLR Photography is a rare gem that focuses on the real art of photography and the creative, design and composition skills needed to take your work to the next level.
Beginning with the basics of visualisation and perception, the book gives clear guidance on how to interpret a scene, define a subject and develop a personal style. It covers the key creative factors to be considered pre-capture, whilst shooting and post-capture, taking a practical approach and offering valuable pointers that you can incorporate into workflow immediately to dramatically improve results.
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CCNA Certification All-in-One For Dummies

Silviu Angelescu, "CCNA Certification All-In-One For Dummies"
For Dummies | 2010 | ISBN: 0470489626 | 987 pages | PDF | 11,1 MB

A complete preparation guide for the entry-level networking CCNA certification
If you're planning to advance your career by taking the all-important Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), this is the study guide you need! Seven minibooks cover all the concepts and topics on which you'll be tested, covering the latest version of the exam.
Each part of the exam is covered thoroughly in its own section, so you can readily find the information you want to study. Plenty of review questions help you prepare, and the companion CD-ROM includes the highly rated Dummies Test Engine so you can test your progress with questions based on exam content.
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CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide, 5th Edition (640-801)

CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide, 5th Edition (640-801)
Publisher: Sybex | ISBN: 0782143911 | edition 2005 | PDF | 706 pages | 13,52 mb

This Study Guide was developed to meet the exacting requirements of today's Cisco certification candidates. In addition to the engaging and accessible instructional approach that has earned author Todd Lammle the "Best Study Guide Author" award in CertCities Readers' Choice Awards for two consecutive years, this updated fifth edition provides:
* In-depth coverage of every CCNA exam objective
* Expanded IP addressing and subnetting coverage
* More detailed information on EIGRP and OSPF
* Leading-edge exam preparation software
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Borland C++Builder 6 Developer s Guide

Jarrod Hollingworth, Bob Swart, «Borland C++Builder 6 Developer's Guide»
Sams Publishing | ISBN: 0672324806 | CHM | 1128 pages | 9.51 MB

C++Builder 6 Developer's Guide is revised for the latest version of C++Builder, the biggest update to C++Builder in years. C++Builder is an ANSI C++ IDE. The Version 6 adds BizSnap, a tool to build Web Services using XML/SOAP, .NET, and BizTalk from Microsoft, and SunONE from Sun Microsystems. Other new components include WebSnap for Web application development, DataSnap for database development, and CLX, which allows cross-platform development for Unix and Linux. The new NetCLX Internet components allow development of cross-platform applications with Apache, Microsoft IIS, and Netscape Web Server applications. C++Builder 6 Developer's Guide continues as the definite guide for Borland's C++Builder, providing a clear and concise reference for C++ Developers.
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Build a Website for Free

"Build a Website for Free" by Mark Bell
Publisher: Que | ISBN: 0789739216 | 2009-02-02 | PDF | 360 pages | 7 Mb

Build yourself a state-of-the-art website.It’s incredibly easy... and it won’t cost you a dime! You need a website. But you don’t need the hassles that usually go with building one, or the expense of hiring someone else to do it. Here’s your solution: Build a Website for Free! You’ll learn how you can use new Web 2.0 technologies to create a site that’s impressive and effective. And here’s the best part: You’ll do it all with software and tools that won’t cost you a dime!
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Botnets - The Killer Web App

Botnets: The Killer Web App
Publisher: Syngress | ISBN: 1597491357 | edition 2007 | PDF | 482 pages | 11,9 mb

The book begins with real world cases of botnet attacks to underscore the need for action. Next the book will explain botnet fundamentals using real world examples. These chapters will cover what they are, how they operate, and the environment and technology that makes them possible. The following chapters will analyze botnets for opportunities to detect, track, and remove them. Then the book will describe intelligence gathering efforts and results obtained to date. Public domain tools like OurMon, developed by Jim Binkley of Portland State University, will be described in detail along with discussions of other tools and resources that are useful in the fight against Botnets.
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Bookcases, Shelves & Cabinets

Bookcases, Shelves & Cabinets (Woodsmith Custom Woodworking)
Oxmoor House | January 2003 | ISBN-10: 0848726758 | 127 pages | PDF | 13.3 Mb

The more we accumulate, the more our homes cry out for shelves, storage units, cabinets and bookcases. This new Woodsmith title answers those needs with 12 updated and elegant projects that will test the skill and display the craft of the home woodworker. From a simple shelf for a kitchen to a cherry armoire, this book promises and delivers accomplishment in the shop and pleasure in the home.
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Blender 3D - Architecture, Buildings, and Scenery

Blender 3D Architecture, Buildings, and Scenery: Create photorealistic 3D architectural visualizations of buildings, interiors, and environmental scenery
Publisher: Packt Publishing | ISBN: 1847193676 | edition 2008 | PDF | 332 pages | 10,4 mb

This book will show you how to create realistic architectural models in Blender. Blender is an open-source 3D animation program released as free software. It can be used for modeling, texturing, skinning, animating, and so on. It runs on all the important operating systems (including Windows, Mac, and Linux). You can create natural scenery, landscapes, plants, various weather conditions, environmental factors, building materials such as wood, metal, brick, and more. You will also learn how to add people to different scenes as well as other objects to an already existing photograph or a video making it easier to increase its realism.
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Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX

Wallace B. McClure, Paul Glavich, Steve C. Orr, Craig Shoemaker, Steven A. Smith, Jim Zimmerman, "Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX"
Wrox | ISBN 0470112832 | July 10, 2007 | 344 Pages | PDF | 5.4MB

With this comprehensive introduction to ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX framework technologies, you'll quickly learn how to build richer, more dynamic web sites and web applications. It provides you with an in-depth understanding of ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX and clearly shows you how to apply the framework. You'll also find numerous code examples throughout the chapters that you'll be able to utilize as you begin creating your applications. Written by a team of Microsoft MVPs, this book will get you up to speed on how to program the ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX framework on the ASP.NET platform. After delving into the framework, it demonstrates how to perform basic AJAX-style operations with web services, using the UpdatePanel, the AJAX Control Toolkit, and other features. You'll then progress to more advanced aspects of the framework, including security, integration with the ASP.NET services, and debugging.
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Categories: Vectors
Christmas trees
2 AI + EPS + Jpeg | 11.5 MB
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Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET

«Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET»
Wrox | ISBN 047178544X | September 2006 | 500 Pages | 3,51 Mb

“Ajax has the power to revolutionize the way web-based applications are designed. This book provides you with a thorough working knowledge of what Ajax has to offer and how to take full advantage of it in your application development. Following an exploration of how Ajax works with .NET, you'll get acquainted with DHTML, the role of javascript and the Document Object Model, and the XMLHttpRequest Object, which is the foundation of Ajax. Then you will examine the Ajax-type features built into ASP.NET and explore the Ajax.NET Professional Library in detail. Finally, you will explore client scripting as well as building and using controls with Microsoft's Atlas. With an entire chapter devoted to debugging, you will have all you need to use this cutting-edge technology.” – Amazon
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Be a Better Lover Tonight

Be a Better Lover Tonight
Publisher: Greatlovers | ISBN: NA | edition 2007 | PDF | 57 pages | 11,9 mb

Technique #1 - The 20 Hot Spots on a woman’s body
Technique #2 - The Contrast Principal
Technique #3 – Change Location
Technique #4 – Talking Dirty / Vocal Expression
Technique #5 – Being More Dominant
Technique #6 – Ask Her What She Wants
Technique #7 – Don't Let Her Cum until You Are Ready For Her To!
Technique #8 – Sometimes Put Her First
Technique #9 – Using Sex Toys
Technique #10 - Be Wild, Be Passionate, Be Random, Be Dirty!
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Architecture - Comfort and Energy

C. Gallo, Marco Sala, A. A. M. Sayigh "Architecture - Comfort and Energy"
Pergamon Press Inc., September 1998 | ISBN: 008043004X | PDF Format, 241 pages | English | 12 MB

Hardbound. In this book we seek to approach the architecture-energy combination and its relationship to human comfort and the environment .There are chapters on thermal comfort, low energy architecture dealing with various criterion for comfort in different parts of the World.
The book also seeks to understand how previous generations lived in harsh climates and without abundant sources of energy, yet managed to design and build appropriate dwellings providing both comfort and harmony with the environment.
Other chapters deal with the bioclimatic concept in Vernacular Architecture; the major role which climate plays at different locations and how this can dictate the shape and form of the buildings and save energy; the importance of micro-climate and its various elements and usage; ventilation and its importance in buildings and the technology for modern architecture.
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AppleScript: The Definitive Guide

AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition by Matt Neuburg
Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 2 edition (January 4, 2006) | ISBN-10: 0596102119 | CHM | 1,6 Mb | 565 pages

Mac users everywhere--even those who know nothing about programming--are discovering the value of the latest version of AppleScript, Apple's vastly improved scripting language for Mac OS X Tiger. And with this new edition of the top-selling AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, anyone, regardless of your level of experience, can learn to use AppleScript to make your Mac time more efficient and more enjoyable by automating repetitive tasks, customizing applications, and even controlling complex workflows.
Fully revised and updated--and with more and better examples than ever--AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition explores AppleScript 1.10 from the ground up. You will learn how AppleScript works and how to use it in a variety of contexts: in everyday scripts to process automation, in CGI scripts for developing applications in Cocoa, or in combination with other scripting languages like Perl and Ruby.
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