Business Writing for Results

Jane K. Cleland, "Business Writing for Results : How to Create a Sense of Urgency and Increase Response to All of Your Business Communications"
M-gH | 2003 | ISBN: 0071405704 | 240 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Clear and persuasive writing holds the key to career success and advancement. Yet, far too few people have learned the styles and strategies that are essential for successful business writing. Business Writing for Results, written by one of today's most popular and motivational business writing trainers, outlines an easy-to-use and easy-to-remember three-step system for crafting letters, proposals, E-mails, reports, and memos that are powerful and persuasive and guaranteed to produce results.
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Business Plans to Game Plans

Jan B. King , "Business Plans to Game Plans : A Practical System for Turning Strategies into Action"
W*ey | 2003 | ISBN: 0471466166 | 288 pages | PDF | 1,9 MB

Breaking down complex concepts into simple and effective action plans, author Jan King will help you profit from her extensive experience and avoid common mistakes. This new revised edition elaborates on the six critical principles of running a small business that helped guide King to success:
Set standards and give your employees the tools to meet your goals
Lead by example
Look to the long term–the very long term
Find the important details and focus on them
Watch for variances from expected results
Face reality when you look at your company and take action
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Breakthrough - Strategic IT and Process Planning

Breakthrough Strategic IT and Process Planning
540 pages | World Scientific Publishing Company (October 23, 2009) | 9814280089 | PDF | 1 Mb

This book is the first publication that combines the principles of business process management with strategic IT planning; the result being a groundbreaking work on strategic IT and process planning. While Breakthrough Strategic IT and Process Planning focuses on the real world of organizations, extensive treatment is also devoted to the politics of strategic planning. As such, a project management approach that combines process improvement, IT, and change management is employed. Other important aspects of process planning are discussed in detail: the strategic allocation of resources, short and long term implementation of the strategic plan, marketing of the plan to gain support for implementation, and development of strategic IT and process plans for business units and departments.
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The Brand Marketing

Joe Marconi, “The Brand Marketing Book”
M.cG raw-Hi ll 2000 | ISBN-10: 0844222577 | 256 Pages | PDF | 2,7 MB

Internationally respected marketing consultant Joe Marconi shows how to build a "value-added" brand in today's competitive global marketplace by creating an effective, integrated strategy involving advertising, marketing, publicity, and research. Case studies of successful brands that are now household names as well as those we no longer remember are included. Features "on-the-money" guidance for building successful brand strategies and brand loyalty including
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Beyond the Deal

Hubert Saint-Onge, Jay Chatzkel "Beyond the Deal: A Revolutionary Framework for Successful Mergers & Acquisitions That Achieve Breakthrough Performance Gains"
McGraw-Hill | 2008-09-22 | ISBN: 0071550100 | 360 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

Mergers and acquisitions are happening in record numbers, with billions of dollars changing hands and major corporate deals making headlines every day. But the harsh reality is that most deals fail. Why? Because the companies didn't plan, didn't prepare, and didn't perform up to expectations.
They didn't think beyond the deal.
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Access to Knowledge - A Guide for Everyone

Frederick Noronha, Jeremy Malcolm, "Access to Knowledge: A Guide for Everyone"
Publisher: Consumers International | 2010 | ISBN: 9780956611741 | PDF | 144 pages | 2.2 MB

Access to Knowledge is the umbrella term for a movement that aims to create more equitable public access to the products of human culture and learning. The ultimate objective of the movement is to create a world in which educational and cultural works are accessible to all, and in which consumers and creators alike participate in a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and creativity.
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101 Boardroom Problems and How to Solve Them

Eli Mina - 101 Boardroom Problems and How to Solve Them
AMACOM | 2008 | ISBN: 0814410588 | Pages: 208 | PDF | 6.88 MB

Every board has one main purpose—to make and execute quality decisions. However, even the best board can be derailed by personality clashes or inherent flaws in its system. 101 Boardroom Problems and How to Solve Them offers readers practical tools to prevent and deal with every difficult situation, from collective impatience and indecision to rivalries and conflicts of interest. As a board effectiveness consultant and meeting management expert, Eli Mina has firsthand experience in dealing with the myriad of problems that boards face. Here he shows readers how to identify board dysfunctions and the damage they inflict, deal with boardroom problems with confidence, increase the likelihood of their board achieving the right decisions, minimize or eliminate flawed decisions, and make a board more credible and trustworthy with its community and stakeholders.
Complete with a board effectiveness audit and easy to use forms to evaluate individual members, the Board Chair, and the CEO, and tips on giving and taking feedback, this is the one book that will help eliminate the disputes, disruptions, and problems that can prevent even the most effective board from achieving its mission.
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The Book of Ultimate Business Breakthroughs

Tom Cannon, "The Ultimate Book of Business Breakthroughs: Lessons from the 20 Greatest Business Decisions Ever Made" Publishing | 2001 | ISBN: 1841120286 | 302 pages | PDF | 1,4 MB

The Ultimate Book of Business Breakthroughs tells the stories behind the greatest business decisions of all time and draws out the critical and universal lessons. From Mickey Mouse to the invention of mass production at Ford, and from "just doing it" with Nike to General Electric's research laboratory, these business breakthroughs show how imagination, guts and conviction can transform a business or industry overnight.
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30 Minutes ... To Solve That Problem

Michael Stevens, "30 Minutes to Solve a Problem"
Kogan Page Ltd | 1998 | ISBN: 0749427817 | 64 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB

Problem solving is a common everyday activity; getting the car going when it won't start; finding out what led to a customer complaint; choosing the best PC. Problem solving means finding the best way to get successfully from A to B. Innovation through problem solving helps people and businesses find more efficient ways to operate and adapt to rapid change. If you can understand how your mind works when you solve problems it will help you to improve the way you do it. This clearly presented book provides a concise explanation of problem solving and how it is done. It covers all aspects from recognising and defining problems, through to devising solutions and putting them into practice.
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WellBeing - No.130
WellBeing - No.130
English | PDF | 157 pages | 60 MB

WellBeing is the world's leading journal of natural health and living. WellBeing offers inspiration for a way of life that is authentic and soulful. Reportage reviews the latest developments (or revived ancient practices) in natural living, and in-depth articles both challenge and inspire pragmatic action in the real-world balance of work, life, family and community.
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English | 2h 17mn | 800 x 600 | SWF,FLV H264 375 Kbps | AAC 96 Kbps | 668 MB
Great content of Hacking and security videos of the Exploit site : Milw0rm

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SBMAV Disk Cleaner

SBMAV Disk Cleaner | 6 mb

A powerful tool for cleaning cobwebs of useless information clogging your system. SBMAV Disk Cleaner searches for and deletes temporary files and folders created by Windows and other applications, as well as searches for invalid links to documents that have long since been deleted. SBMAV Disk Cleaner also finds useless uninstall software, disables/enables seldom used fonts, deletes cookies, and searches for and removes duplicate files. You can also use this tool to work with your documents: to find and delete old back-up files and duplicates based on various criteria you can select. The program is easy to operate for first time users, yet has a powerful mix of settings for advanced tweakers. The disk cleaning process can be launched automatically by command-line, reducing your supervision to save you time. Works in any 32-bit version of Microsoft® Windows® operating system (2000/XP/2003/Vista/7).
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AV Music Morpher Gold 5.0.44

AV Music Morpher Gold 5.0.44 | 13.11 MB

AV Music Morpher Gold makes detailed audio edits a snap. It is packed full of powerful features including a multi-track recorder and editor, a whole suite of professional effects and our famous patented vocal remover-extractor. AV Music Morpher Gold turns your humble PC into a fully-fledged recording studio which holds the power to help you create your own pop songs, funky remixes or even backing tracks quickly in the comfort of your own home. When you've finished your masterpiece there's a ready-to-use CD burner so your favorite songs to CD and share them with your friends.
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AVG PC Tuneup 2011 Final Silent Installation

AVG PC Tuneup 2011 Final Silent Installation | 9 mb

You already know how AVG can protect you online. Now we take that expertise one step further by fixing problems that slow you down. AVG PC Tuneup is your one-stop shop to help you get the most out of your PC.
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Snowflakes collection 3
Snowflakes collection 3
2 EPS Files | + preview | 12.56 Mb
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Neutral Color Christmas Cards
Neutral Color Christmas Cards
4 EPS Files | + preview | 19 Mb
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Expert PDF Professional 7.0.1190.0

Expert PDF Professional 7.0.1190.0 | 29.3 mb

Visagesoft eXPert PDF is a printer driver for windows.With eXPert PDF Printer Driver anyone can create PDF documents that can be published on web sites, emailed or archived.eXPert PDF makes it really easy to convert any document into high quality PDF files. One click and you are done! Converting an Excel sheet or a Word document into a secured PDF file has never been so quick. Enhanced features enables you to send your generated files by e-mail, and reinforce your documents' security and authenticity.eXPert pdf supports also advanced editing of pdf documents. with eXPert PDF Editor you will be able to modify any pdf document with out the use of any external applications.eXPert PDF is the solution for creating and editing pdf documents.
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Guitar Techniques | January 2011

Guitar Techniques | January 2011 | 30.42MB | HF-FS-DF
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Di Moveis No.5 2010
Di Moveis No.5 2010
True PDF | 100 pages | Portuguese | 37.28 Mb
Di Moveis is the only magazine of luxury, decoration and interior design form, events, landscaping and gardens. The decor, service and proposals.

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OnOne Software PhotoTune 3.0.5

OnOne Software PhotoTune 3.0.5 | 86 mb

PhotoTune - another plugin for Adobe Photoshop by onOne Software, allows you to quickly adjust your digital photos. Plug-in PhotoTune works in three modes: image processing with people, image processing without the people and professional advanced mode. With PhotoTune you can edit the color of human skin, adjust sharpness, saturation, color and more. In fact, PhotoTune - a single set of plugins to correct tone, color and human skin. In normal mode (not professional) works as a plug-step wizard, where all parameters are set automatically and you need only select the desired option from the results of the two images. There is also a small set of built-in presets and have the ability to save settings for future use.
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