Scrap kit  Colors Play

Scrap kit  Colors Play

59 PNG | 9 JPG| 5 QP| 4 Clusters |3600x3600PX| 247 Mb

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Backup4all Professional 4.7.265 Portable

Backup4all Professional 4.7.265 Portable | 29.6 MB

Backup4all is an award-winning data backup software for Windows. This backup utility was designed to protect your valuable data from partial or total loss by automating backup tasks, password protecting and compressing it to save storage space.

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PSD Source Collection for Photoshop 2012 pack 58
PSD Source Collection for Photoshop 2012 pack 58
3 PSD | 87,4 mb
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WinEdt 7 Build 20120321 + Portable

WinEdt 7 Build 20120321 + Portable | 13.3/15.7 MB

WinEdt is a powerful and versatile text editor for Windows, with a strong predisposition towards the creation of [La]TeX documents. Do not, however, mistake WinEdt itself for a TeX system! You'll have to download and install a (free) TeX system for Windows (MiKTeX, or TeX Live). The Downloads page of this site has more information on WinEdt, TeX, and links to other programs needed to make TeX operational on the Windows platform.

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Sumatra PDF 2.0.5990 + Portable

Sumatra PDF 2.0.5990 + Portable | 9.02/9.48 Mb

Sumatra PDF is a slim, free, open-source PDF, DjVu, XPS, CBR, CBZ viewer for Windows. Sumatra has a minimalistic design. Simplicity has a higher priority than a lot of features. It's small and starts up very fast. Options are a little thin on the ground but SumatraPDF provides a very comfortable environment for reading PDFs and you can print documents without much hassle. You can take this over Acrobat any day for looking at eBooks.

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Rising PC Doctor + Portable

Rising PC Doctor + Portable | 9.09/10.15 Mb

Rising PC Doctor, professional and smart security tool to computer users.With its seven key functions of automatic malware analysis, immunization of USB storage devices, ability to repair Microsoft Internet Explorer & Windows, Trojan Behavior Detector & Blocker, protection against malicious websites, Internet Explorer protection and Trojan Download blocker, Rising PC Doctor will greatly enhance your protection against malware and cyber threats.

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DigiEffects - Collection Tutorials After Effects
DigiEffects - Collection Tutorials After Effects
.mp4 | project files | 3.6Gb
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Style vintage artistic series street and area photo

Style vintage artistic series street and area photo

29 JPG | 5100x3500 | 300 dpi | 253.25

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Noesis Interactive - Source Machinima Cinematography
Noesis Interactive - Source Machinima Cinematography
.iso | project files | 3.08Gb
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Q-Dir 5.02 + Portable

Q-Dir 5.02 + Portable | 1.21/1.21 Mb

Q-Dir makes your files and folder easy to manage. Fast and easy access to your hard disks, network folders, USB-Stiks, floppy disks and other storage devices. Q-Dir i a good file manager with an amazing Quadro-View technique. You don't have to renounce the usual, Drag and Drop, all Views, and other functions of your system. No! Q-Dir gives you other nice functions, that make you happy. One can save many hand moves and also time!

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XUS PC Lock Ultimate Edition v3.3.61 (x86/x64)

XUS PC Lock Ultimate Edition v3.3.61 (x86/x64) | 2.8 MB

XUS PC Lock offers a new and fun way for you to lock your computer. Before using XUS PC Lock, you have to define your lock pattern. The next time you will see the lock screen, You trace your mouse in the pattern you drew before and your computer will unlock. Any other pattern and in any other order will not unlock the computer. XUS PC Lock can lock the whole computer. This is the most feature rich lock computer application available today with lots of customization options.
XUS PC Lock is the ultimate customizable lock computer application allowing you to pick custom images for the lock screen. XUS PC Lock can auto-lock the computer when windows startup and computer inactivity. XUS PC Lock allows you to set an alert mode when the incorrect pattern is entered a maximum times.
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FlashFXP 4.2.0 Build 1737 Final + Portable Multilingual

FlashFXP 4.2.0 Build 1737 Final + Portable Multilingual | 7.4 MB

FlashFXP is a powerful and popular FTP & FXP Client loaded with features for the power user. FlashFXP has an intuitive and full featured user interface, allowing you to do all the common tasks with just a few clicks. It also support full drag & drop, so you can transfer files, synchronize folders, find files and schedule tasks with just one click. Using the FTP protocol, you can transfer files from remote servers to your computer, or even to another remote server.
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FinePrint PdfFactory Pro / Server 4.61 Final

FinePrint PdfFactory Pro / Server 4.61 Final | 5.4/5.8 MB

BCWipe software enables you to confidently erase files that can never be recovered by an intruder. BCWipe embeds itself in Windows and can be activated from the Explorer FILE Menu OR from the context (right click) menu OR from a command-line prompt. BCWipe v.3 is a powerful set of utilities which complies with options to invoke either the US Department of Defense (DoD) standard or the Peter Gutmann wiping scheme. You can also create and use your own customized wiping scheme to wipe sensitive information from storage devices installed on your computer.
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FinePrint Workstation 7.01 Final

FinePrint Workstation 7.01 Final | 5.7 MB

FinePrint is an award-winning printer utility that significantly reduces costs, enhances and manages complex print jobs and fixes pesky print problems. Using FinePrint is as easy as selecting it as the printer in any application's Print dialog box. Reduce printouts to as little as 1/8 of their original page size i?? with perfect legibility. Combine mutiple documents from different applications into a single print job. FinePrint saves you money on paper and toner, weight in your briefcase, and time and hassle in managing your print jobs. With FinePrint working for you, annoying printing problems disappear. Below are just some examples of printing problems that FinePrint can fix.
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Real Hide IP + Rus

Real Hide IP + Rus | 4.8 Mb

Use Real Hide IP to surf anonymously, prevent hackers from monitoring your online activities or identity thieves from stealing your identity and other personal information, send anonymous email, and un-ban yourself from forums or restricted websites.
Protect your privacy on the Internet. With Real Hide IP, you can conceal your real IP address, surf anonymously, send anonymous emails through any web based mail system, un-ban yourself from forums or restricted websites, keeping your personal information safe from hackers and identity thieves.
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