Minimal System Instruments VST Pack 08-01-2010
Minimal System Instruments VST Pack 08-01-2010 - ASSiGN | 19 MB
This pack include: Airwalker Analogue Reverb, SSi Pro Channel, SupaVerb.

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6 After Effect Collection Pack16

6 After Effect Collection Pack16
AEP | JPG | PSD | MOV | 700Mb

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Mellowmuse Vintage Series Bundle VST 01 2011 x86
Mellowmuse Vintage Series Bundle VST 01 2011 x86 - ASSiGN | 21 MB

Take advantage of this specially priced bundle comprising of all 3 Mellowmuse Vintage Series plugins: CP2V, EQ2A, and SATV, in VST format. Bring analogue style warmth and richness to your digital recordings for one very affordable price. Save 30% off the price of purchasing these 3 plug-ins individually.
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Mellowmuse Series One Bundle VST 12 2010 x86
Mellowmuse Series One Bundle VST 12 2010 x86 - ASSiGN | 33 MB
Take advantage of this specially priced bundle comprising of all 5 Mellowmuse Series One plugins: ATA, EQ1A, CP1A, IR1A and Mellowhead, in VST.

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Photoframe - Lovely Holidays
Photoframe - Lovely Holidays PSD | 3626x2409 | 300 dpi | abled layers | 77,7 MB Author: GalinaV
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Video motion _ Heart Overlay vol 1

Video motion _ Heart Overlay vol 1
Format: MOV,PAL | 720x576 (16:9) | 25 fps | 40 Footage | 2.9 GB
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Auto Legends - Chrysler (retro photo)
Auto Legends - Chrysler | 52 jpg | 5120x3840~10240x7680 | 157 Mb
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After Effects Project 3D Album Love Song of Moon

After Effects Project 3D Album Love Song of Moon
For After Effects | AEP | RAR | 1.22 GB

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SimplyMax modeling tutorials

SimplyMax modeling tutorials
3.35GB | HF, FileServe & FileSonic Links
Cartoon Rat | Creature Organic | Goblin Head | The Haunted House | Machine Gun | MaxBot
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LiveLessons Python Fundamentals DVDR (Repost)
English | Video: bgr24 Flash Video .FLV | 8hours | 1024x768 | Audio: mp3 44100 Hz. 228 Kbps, mono | 3.2 GB

For any student or professional interested in learning the fundamentals of Python. In this one-of-a-kind video package, leading Python developer and trainer Wesley Chun helps you learn Python quickly and comprehensively, so that you can immediately succeed with any Python project. Just click and watch: One step at a time, you will master Python fundamentals. If you already have Python experience, these videos will help further develop your skills. The lessons start with an introduction to the core features of the Python language, including syntax basics and standard types and operations. The lessons progress into advanced topics, such as Python’s memory model and object-oriented programming.
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Daniel Garcia Project Vol. 4 - 6
English | MOV | H264 1501 kbps 29.970 fps | 854 x 480 | MP3 255 kbps 48 KHz Stereo | 3.43 GB
Genre: Magic / Illusions / Tricks

VOLUME 4: The long awaited, and highly anticipated extension to the Daniel Garcia Project is finally here. Picking up right where v3 left off, learn 9 visual effects including William Tell, Jacob's Ladder, The DG Box Steal, The OG Transpo, Micro Dissolve, Scorch, iCard, Party Perception, and the highly acclaimed "TimeLine 2.0" from DG and theory11's Symphony.
VOLUME 5: Not missing a beat, the project continues with another 9 creative effects using iPhones, drinking straws, lotto tickets, and more. Tricks include Void, In Visible Monte, Lotto, The Airbrush Change, .44, Math, The Gamblers Swap, iScatter, and Fire and Smoke, one of the most visual, unexpected Oil and Water routines we've seen.
VOLUME 6: Concluding the entire series with a bang, volume 6 teaches a whopping 10 visual effects using Tic-tacs, balloons, credit cards, and more. Tricks include V.I.S.A., One Point Production 2.0, Pop, Vortex, Ham and Cheese 2.0, Static Sandwich, On The Rocks, Tric-Tac, iATM, and The OK Coin Vanish.
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Ryan Leech: Mastering the Art Of Trials
XVID | English | 720x480 | AVI | 29.970 fps 3134 kbps | MP3 192 kbps | 1.19 GB
Genre: eLearning

The initial trial skills necessary for a comfortable move through the urban landscape. This film will help to transform these skills into skills, and ability in the arts.
Ext. Information: On my own I want to say that the film is very competent and will be of interest not only to lovers of trial, but also to those involved in BMX and MTB.
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Dominik Mastrianni - The Longitude 1 & 2
English | FLV | VP6F 4608 kbps 29.970 fps | 1208 x 720 | MP3 128 kbps 44 KHz Stereo | 529 MB
Genre: Magic

In visiting Montreal earlier this year Dominik Mastrianni astounded us with his rhythmic flourishes and unique sleights of hand techniques. An up-and-coming artist that is sure to make a name for himself. We are honored to be releasing his first tutorial on Cardistry - The Latitude 2. Stay tuned, because there's more in the cards.
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Professor Lu Shi Cai - Eyesight Friendly Exercise
English | AVI | DIVX 1200 kbps 29.970 fps | 720 x 480 | MP3 128 kbps 48 KHz Stereo | 1.57 GB
Genre: Health / Fitness / Massage

Hosted by Professor Lu Shi Cai Cover description
This exercise can produce desirable effects on myopia and psuedo myopia.
This eyesight friendly exercise, a kind of Qigong Therapy, is an easy and scientific way of preventing and curing eye diseases such as myopia and amblyopia. It not only has curative effect on low medium and high myopia but also can treat and alleviate presbyopia, optic atophy, and inchoate cataract. Meanwhile it also helps prevent myopia and improve the eysight. Traditional Chinese medicine.
In Mandarin with Simplified Chinese and English subtitles
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Matthew Archambault - Drawing Girls An Illustration Process (repost)
English | DVDRip | AVI | 720x544 | XviD ~1390 kbps | 29.97 fps | MP3 128 kbps | Runtime: 128 mins | 1.36 GB
Genre:eLearning, Art, Drawing, Painting

This DVD is different from the "Layered Approach" DVD's. Matt takes you through his whole illustration drawing process from start to finish in this brand new DVD. Matthew will teach you drawing techniques used for "Illustration" purposes, not life drawing.
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Armed To The Teeth Vol.1 - Mastering Upper Body Weapons with Sammy Franco
English | Mpg | 00:59:25 | 352x240 | 29.97fps | 4:3 | 1150Kbps | Mp4 224Kbps 44100hz | 593mb
Genre: Video Training

This instructional dvd will teach you step by step how to transform your body into an awesome street fighting weapon. Here, Sammy Franco will teach you his brutal CFA arsenal. You don't need to be a martial artists to master these efficient and effective striking techniques.Armed to the Teeth (Volume 1) teaches you: head butts (clipping and ramming), full contact hubod and head butting drills, biting tactics for the street, finger jab strikes, finger jab speed drills, tactile sensitivity exercises, common mistakes when jabbing the eyes, the awesome "Dead Man" drill, mannequin training, palm heel strikes and hand variations!
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Eating Green: Organic Foods and Cooking
English | 60 minutes | 704x400 | 25 fps | AVI XVID, 1820 Kbps | MP3 128 kbps, 48000 KHz | 769 MB

When it comes to feeding your family, ensure you are making healthy and wise choices. This informative and entertaining DVD will teach you everything you need to know about organic foods; what they are, why to choose them, where to purchase them, how to understand the labels, how to prepare baby foods, how to buy local and fresh produce, and learn how to prepare delicious organic meals for your family. Includes: recipes, tips on vitamins, exercise and a number of energy saving tips for the kitchen. This video will leave your mouth watering for more ways you can be environmentally responsible in your food purchases and preparation.
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Richard Osterlind – No Camera Tricks DVD
Video training | 3.79 GB

What magic and mentalism on television should look like! This incredible DVD set features Richard Osterlind as the star of three simulated television shows. Watch Richard dazzle the audience with real-time, mind-boggling mysteries and, as the title of the set implies, there are absolutely no camera tricks, stooges or pre-show work!
What’s more, this broadcast-quality material can also be used on stage and for close-up performances.
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 3d - Hair models
  3d - Hair models
The hair for the models of DAZ 3D | Size: 2.89 GB
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K Alliance-Microsoft Learning expects the MCTS Windows 7 Configuring exam 70-680
1 DVD | 102 Videos | English | 4.5 GB
flv | 800 x 600 | VP6 @ 1000 Kbps | 30 fps | MP3 @ 128 Kbps
Genre: Video training
Microsoft Learning expects the MCTS Windows 7, Configuring exam to be a popular one, which is why you should definitely get a head start on preparing to pass it by taking our self-study MCTS Windows 7 certification training course. We have certified instructors teaching our MCTS Windows 7 training videos, which allows for you to receive a quality IT training that will help you enhance your knowledge to pass the exam. These experts have already learned all there is to know about configuring Windows 7 and they will show you everything in our self-study MCTS Windows 7 certification training course. The MCTS Windows 7 Configuring training videos feature tons of interactive components designed to help you learn faster and retain the information longer.
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Dharma Mittra Maha Sadhana - Yoga for Beginners
English | 0x10000002 7500kbps | 720 x 480 29.97fps | MP3 192kbps 44.1 Khz | 4h 15mins | 7.5 GB
Genre: Video Training | Yoga

Want to do yoga, but do not know where to start?
Excellent training for beginners Sri Dharma Mittra.
Series Mahasadhana quintessence is more than pyadidesyatiletnego experience of yoga practice world-famous wizard's largest poster asanas of 608 poses. Apart from the two training sequences of different levels of complexity, the CD includes: pranayama, meditation, conversation with the master and others.
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Cobrinha BJJ 7 Volume DVD Set with Rubens Charles
English | AVI | DX50 1200 kbps 29.970 fps | 640 x 480 | MP3 128 kbps 48 KHz Stereo | 3 hr 40 min | 2.08 GB
Genre: Fighting / Training

Rubens Charles "Cobrinha" - The 3 time BJJ world champion and 2 time nogi world champion now shares his techniques with the world. Get a close up of the closed guard, butterfly guard, half guard, spider guard, double underhooks, inverted guard, and the omoplata. Learn a bunch of new and unique attacks that will keep your opponent guessing. Find out some more ways to stop your attacker from passing your guard. Finally, Charles shows you how to sweep your partner and get a dominant position. After watching the moves in the studio, sit back and watch the included footage of Cobrinha doing the same exact moves in competition. If you're serious about BJJ there's no one better to learn from in the world!
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Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Gentle Power on the Beach with Christina Pedersen, Cami, Chrystyn Chandler
Language: English | 0x10000002 6500kbps | 720 x 480 29.97fps | MP3 128kbps | 3.2 GB
Genre: Video Training / Yoga

Ignite your life force and purify your body through the union of breath and movement. Christina Pedersen offers you a unique and complete yoga practice designed to strengthen, tone and detoxify the body while reconnecting with your breath and calming your mind. Christina is a Kripalu certified yoga instructor who has been practicing yoga since 1996. She is strongly influenced by the Iyengar, Ashtanga and Kripalu traditions and has interwoven aspects of these into this Vinyasa Flow practice. Christina believes that finding and maintaining a deep, full breath is the secret in attaining a fulfilling yoga practice and a truly peaceful state of being.
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Security 5 Boot Camp Interactive CDRom Reup
English | ISO | 625Mb

Identity theft, credit card fraud, online banking phishing scams, virus and backdoors, email hoaxes, sex offenders lurking online, loss of confidential information and hackers are some of the threats you will face on a daily basis. Are you prepared to face them and defend yourself? If you are someone who banks online, pays utility bills online, shops online, have children chatting online, downloads shareware and games, communicates over email, subscribes to a broadband connection or someone who uses a computer system at work or home, then you need to have Security5 training to help you guard your information assets.
HomePage: _ttp://
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Vue Maya Integration II
English | MOV, 452 kbps, 1024x768, 15 fps | MP3, 320 kbps, 48 KHz, 2 ch | 1.2 GB
In this training kit presented by ignisfatuus on Vue Maya Integration II
We will :
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