ActiveDen - Plastique Video Player

ActiveDen - Plastique Video Player
This Flex 4.6 set allows you to re-skin the regular Spark VideoPlayer component. It can be used as a standalone library.
Flex MXML, FXP, FXPL | Flex SDK Version - 4.6.0 | Well Documented | Resolution - Resizable | 23.11 Mb
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ActiveDen - Virus Defence - Flash Games

ActiveDen - Virus Defence - Flash Games | 1,42 MB

Welcome to Virus Defence !
This is a straightforward action shooter in which your mission is to defend healthy cells against hordes of viruses by maneuvering a nano-ship.
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TemplatesBox - Flash Website Templates

TemplatesBox - Flash Website Templates

84 Templates | FLA | HTML | PSD | Fonts | 326 MB
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Activeden - iFocus Facebook Fan Page Template

Activeden - iFocus Facebook Fan Page Template Activeden - iFocus Facebook Fan Page Template (RIP)

Flash FLA, ActionScript AS, XML Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files | 6 Mb

  • This is a XML driven Template for Facebook Fan Page. It’s not only supports deeplink,fullscreen background with 15 effect,slides with 13 effect,social button,about ,news,services,about,gallery and php contact. You also can set logo/menu layout and site information/social layout.You can add any module into the template just through the xml file. It can also be used alone with the site’s framework.


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ActiveDen - Water Splash

ActiveDen - Water Splash | 508 KB

A liquid splash animation, roughly 2 seconds animation of water splashing. If you are in need of some fluids then this little ani treat should work for you. Any nautical theme would not be complete without this aqua solution.
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ActiveDen - Universal Expanding MP3 Player AS2

ActiveDen - Universal Expanding MP3 Player AS2
FLA | SWF | XML | JS | HTML | PSD | 12,5 MB

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ActiveDen - Chinese Kungfu

ActiveDen - Chinese Kungfu | 87,5 KB
All the graphic is 100% vector.
All element have it’s layer.
Easy to change.
Easy to use in your project.

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ActiveDen - Terminal flight board text animation XML version

ActiveDen - Terminal flight board text animation XML version | 1,27 MB

This is the XML version for the famous 'Terminal flight board animation'.
This unique animation looks like the terminal flight board for arrivals and departures at airports. The banner can display simple short text message or a large information data. Everything in this preview is dynamic and XML driven.
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ActiveDen - Terminal flight board text animation effect

ActiveDen - Terminal flight board text animation effect | 1,49 MB

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ActiveDen - Real-time Spectrum Equalizer v1.1

ActiveDen - Real-time Spectrum Equalizer v1.1 | 3,59 MB
Update 1.1: (12/12/2011)
Algorithm for the spectrum bars changed
Microphone feature added
Microphone gain control added
Capture browser sounds feature added. So you can easily add this component to any MP3 players or capture any external live stream browser plays. You can test this by opening any video site like Youtube on a new tab. Just open a video and watch spectrum.

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ActiveDen - Meet The Yeti

ActiveDen - Meet The Yeti | 3,24 MB

This is a jump'n'slide styled runner game!
You are The Yeti! You can jump (up arrow) through the abyss and slide (down arrow) under the tree! Collect meat! Run and Run faster!
Share your results via twitter, facebook and vk!
Game was coded in ActionScript 3.0.
All graphic is in two type: vector (fla) and bitmap (png). Vector – tweened animation! Bitmap – sprite-sheets included!
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ActiveDen - Owl Professor Educational Game (Nulled)

ActiveDen - Owl Professor Educational Game (Nulled)
Test your kids' math skills with the Owl Professor Educational Game!
The game is suitable for 5-8 year olds and you can control the language of the game and the difficulty (the numbers for each level: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) from the XML file.
Add your logo and publish this to your site in a couple of minutes!
The graphics can be changed if you install the trial (2 months) version of Flash Builder – additional info can be found in the help files and the code is commented.
The game is built using the starling framework – this means that it runs on the stage3d layer of flash player
Enjoy the game and purchase it if you like it! The DEMO is limited to 2 minutes of play time!

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ActiveDen - Cart Rider Flash Game

ActiveDen - Cart Rider Flash Game | 246 KB

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Freegine - Flash Navigation, Graphics & Icons

30 Flash Effects & 20 Flash Navigation | 33 AI Guide Vectors | 31 Vector Icon Sets | 83 MB

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AS3 Imagefolio Portfolio Template - Activeden - RETAiL
The AS3 Imagefolio Portfolio Template is the brand new showcase solution with a broad field of usage possibilites as a company template, personal portfolio, microsite or anything else that comes to your mind.

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World Map Complete - Activeden - RETAiL
An interactive world map featuring every country on all continents (Antarctica to come) with country and continent data stored in HTML formatted XML files.

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Advanced Endless Images Strip - Activeden - RETAiL
This is xml driven advanced endless images strip. The images are moving endlessly on the stage.
Can be used with links on mouse press, or without.
Can be used for web sites, as well for flash projects, as photos or products presentation. 
Included source code files, working example html file with 3 different strip configurations. 

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Simple, Subtle, Random Banner Ad Rotator - Activeden - RETAiL
This banner rotator doesn’t have any extra bells and whistles. It does exactly what the name implies – it rotates through your ads in random order. On pages like blog posts, where your users are on the same page for a long time, you’re going to want the ad to switch periodically. This file does that as subtly as possible without any unnecessary navigational elements.

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AS2 - Steel melting intro - Activeden
This is AS2 , if you need AS3 check Xml text/logo steel melting effect 
Actionscript 2.0 Steel melting intro.
Will use your logo (or any other non animated content)
Very simple usage, comes with a ready made example that you can modify to suit your needs.

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Before & After Photo Viewer - Activeden - RETAiL
Actionscript 3.0 – Flash CS 3 File 
Image gallery that lets you display the differences between two images. 

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FLUX buttons - Activeden - RETAiL
only 20-25kB size
very easy to use, just drag&drop to your project
put in your text, vector icon or image
transparent (works on every background)
usable in menus

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Flash Banner Creator and Rotator - Activeden - RETAiL
Flash Banner Creator and Rotator v1.0
Attention : Everything in the above preview was made with this file. These are just a few examples of what can be made. Everything in the preview is dynamic and XML driven.

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Fade in Logo. Fade out & then Redirect - Activeden - RETAiL
First impressions are key in today’s design savvy world. The “fade in logo” is meant to add class to an existing project quickly and easily. This file is easy to configure and ready to be deployed in 3 easy steps. Completely customizable through FlashVars.

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Dynamic Photo Gallery  Slideshow - Activeden - RETAiL
Faster, better, stronger
Memory leak bug fixed.
Image resizing algorithm replaced with a better one.
Compact category window.
You can embed it into your flash AS3 projects.
Configuration file problems fixed.

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