Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy (2nd Edition)
Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy (2nd Edition) by Kenneth P. Moses MD, Pedro B. Nava PhD, John C. Banks PhD, Darrell K. Petersen MBA
English | 2012 | ISBN: 032307779X | 656 pages | PDF | 134 MB
Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy uses over 500 incredibly well-executed and superb dissection photos and illustrations to guide you through all the key structures you'll need to learn in your gross anatomy course. This medical textbook helps you master essential surface, gross, and radiologic anatomy concepts through high-quality photos, digital enhancements, and concise text introductions throughout.
Get a clear understanding of surface, gross, and radiologic anatomy with a resource that's great for use before, during, and after lab work, in preparation for examinations, and later on as a primer for clinical work.
Learn as intuitively as possible with large, full-page photos for effortless comprehension. No more confusion and peering at small, closely cropped pictures!
Easily distinguish highlighted structures from the background in each dissection with the aid of digitally color-enhanced images.
See structures the way they present in the anatomy lab with specially commissioned dissections, all done using freshly dissected cadavers prepared using low-alcohol fixative.
Bridge the gap between gross anatomy and clinical practice with clinical correlations throughout.
Master anatomy efficiently with one text covering all you need to know, from surface to radiologic anatomy, that's ideal for shortened anatomy courses.
Review key structures quickly thanks to detailed dissection headings and unique icon navigation.
Access the full text and self assessment questions at
Get a clear understanding of the human body through surface, gross and radiologic anatomy all in one place.
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Natural Language Processing with Python
Natural Language Processing with Python by Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, Edward Loper
English | 2009 | ISBN: 0596516495 | 504 pages | EPUB | 4 MB
This book offers a highly accessible introduction to natural language processing, the field that supports a variety of language technologies, from predictive text and email filtering to automatic summarization and translation. With it, you'll learn how to write Python programs that work with large collections of unstructured text. You'll access richly annotated datasets using a comprehensive range of linguistic data structures, and you'll understand the main algorithms for analyzing the content and structure of written communication.
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Linux Bible
Linux Bible by Christopher Negus, Christine Bresnahan
English | 2012 | ISBN: 111821854X | 864 pages | PDF | 15 MB
More than 50 percent new and revised content for today's Linux environment gets you up and running in no time!
Linux continues to be an excellent, low-cost alternative to expensive operating systems. Whether you're new to Linux or need a reliable update and reference, this is an excellent resource. Veteran bestselling author Christopher Negus provides a complete tutorial packed with major updates, revisions, and hands-on exercises so that you can confidently start using Linux today.
Offers a complete restructure, complete with exercises, to make the book a better learning tool
Places a strong focus on the Linux command line tools and can be used with all distributions and versions of Linux
Features in-depth coverage of the tools that a power user and a Linux administrator need to get started
This practical learning tool is ideal for anyone eager to set up a new Linux desktop system at home or curious to learn how to manage Linux server systems at work.
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The Inspired Garden: 24 Artists Share Their Vision
The Inspired Garden: 24 Artists Share Their Vision by Judy Paolini
English | 2009 | ISBN: 0892727373 | 160 pages | EPUB | 18,5 MB
It's not surprising that visual artists would create particularly interesting gardens. Besides a trained eye, they use their penchant for fearless artistic expression. This book offers a most unusual personal look at 20 spectacular private gardens in New England that will inspire readers to look at their own gardens with fresh perspectives. Lavishly illustrated with color photographs, the book features eye-opening interviews with the artist/gardeners, in which they explain their aesthetic approach to garden design.
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More Food From Small Spaces: Growing Denser, Deeper, Higher, Longer Vegetable Gardens
More Food From Small Spaces: Growing Denser, Deeper, Higher, Longer Vegetable Gardens by Margaret Park
English | 2013 | ISBN: 0915556421 | 128 pages | EPUB | 10 MB
Food, we can't live without it, yet its costs are rising and consuming more of the family budget. In addition, health concerns about the use of pesticides, gmo foods, and potential soil mineral depletion in the food supply inspire more people to want to grow their own vegetables. Many of these live in cities with only small yard spaces. This book presents new methods devised and tested by the author to maximize food production from a small yard. By tightly spacing plants in deep, fertile soil, training plants vertically, and harvesting year round -- with the help of the inexpensive, portable greenhouse one can build from this book -- a great proportion of a family
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Black & Decker Codes for Homeowners: Electrical Mechanical Plumbing Building Updated through 2014 (2nd Edition)
Black & Decker Codes for Homeowners: Electrical Mechanical Plumbing Building Updated through 2014 (2nd Edition) by Bruce Barker
English | 2012 | ISBN: 1589237218 | 240 pages | MOBI | 37,5 MB
A graphic, highly user-friendly guide to national codes for residential construction. Codes for Homeowners uses clear photographs to show exactly how the parts of your house are supposed to look once the work is done. Written by International Residential Codes-certified home inspector Bruce Barker, this second edition of Codes for Homeowners is current with most national codes in force for the period of 2012 through 2014. Based on his decades of experience, Inspector Bruce has winnowed down the massive heap of codes in force to only those that a single-family homeowner is likely to encounter. Building codes, electrical codes, plumbing codes and mechanical (HVAC) codes are shown and described in everyday language. The 2nd edition includes all of the great information in the first version but is updated to reflect any changes in the codes in force, including the National Electrical Code, the Universal Plumbing Code and the International Residential Code.
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The Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum, Fifth Edition
James G. Speight, "The Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum, Fifth Edition"
English | ISBN: 1439873895 | 2014 | 953 pages | PDF | 170 MB
With demand for petroleum products increasing worldwide, there is a tendency for existing refineries to seek new approaches to optimize efficiency and throughput. In addition, changes in product specifications due to environmental regulations greatly influence the development of petroleum refining technologies. These factors underlie the need for this fifth edition of The Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum, which continues in the tradition of the bestselling fourth edition, proving readers with a detailed overview of the chemistry and technology of petroleum as it evolves into the twenty-first century.
The new edition has been updated with the latest developments in the refining industry, including new processes as well as updates on evolving processes and various environmental regulations. The book covers issues related to economics and future refineries, examines the changing character of refinery feedstock, and offers new discussions on environmental aspects of refining. It contains more than 300 figures and tables, including chemical structures and process flow sheets.
A useful reference for scientists and engineers in the petroleum industry as well as in the catalyst manufacturing industry, this book introduces readers to the science and technology of petroleum, beginning with its formation in the ground and culminating in the production of a wide variety of products and petrochemical intermediates.
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A Mid-Atlantic Handbook Americanan and British English
Marko Modiano, "A Mid-Atlantic Handbook Americanan and British English"
English | 1996 | ISBN: 9144614519 | 150 pages | PDF | 1,4 MB
Observers of English are becoming increasingly aware of the differences between the two major varieties of the language: American English and British English. In theory, speakers of Mid-Atlantic English, a form of English which includes features of both varieties, are aware of the differences between American English and British English, and endeavor to use forms of the language which are easily understood.
This awareness is an essential communication tool in Europe, where an increasing number of people are now speaking American English. While British English is on the decline, the Americanization of the English language has helped to promote the development of Mid-Atlantic English, which is fast becoming the most common form of English in the European Union.
In this handbook there are descriptions of the most common differences in pronunciation, vocabulary, and spelling. There is also discussion of punctuation, grammar, and weights and measures.
Intended for the freshman college student, this book is a valuable reference for anyone who needs to know more about the differences between American and British English, as well as the way in which the English language is used in the European Union as an international language.
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Maya Python for Games and Film: A Complete Reference for Maya Python and the Maya Python API
Adam Mechtley and Ryan Trowbridge, "Maya Python for Games and Film: A Complete Reference for Maya Python and the Maya Python API"
English | 2011 | ISBN-10: 0123785782 | 408 pages | PDF | 8,2 MB
Maya Python for Games and Film is the first book to focus exclusively on how to implement Python with Maya. Written by trusted authorities in the field, this in-depth guide will help you master Maya Python, whether you're a seasoned technical artist looking to make the transition from MEL to Python or an aspiring artist not wanting to scramble for information.
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Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and an Introduction to Chaos, 3 edition
Morris W. Hirsch, Stephen Smale, "Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and an Introduction to Chaos, 3 edition"
English | 2013 | ISBN-10: 0123820103 | 432 pages | PDF | 5,1 MB
Hirsch, Devaney, and Smale's classic Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and an Introduction to Chaos has been used by professors as the primary text for undergraduate and graduate level courses covering differential equations. It provides a theoretical approach to dynamical systems and chaos written for a diverse student population among the fields of mathematics, science, and engineering. Prominent experts provide everything students need to know about dynamical systems as students seek to develop sufficient mathematical skills to analyze the types of differential equations that arise in their area of study. The authors provide rigorous exercises and examples clearly and easily by slowly introducing linear systems of differential equations. Calculus is required as specialized advanced topics not usually found in elementary differential equations courses are included, such as exploring the world of discrete dynamical systems and describing chaotic systems.
Classic text by three of the world's most prominent mathematicians 
Continues the tradition of expository excellence
Contains updated material and expanded applications for use in applied studies
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Writing Effective Business Rules
Graham Witt, "Writing Effective Business Rules"
English | 2013 | ISBN-10: 0123850517 | 360 pages | PDF | 3,4 MB
Writing Effective Business Rules moves beyond the fundamental dilemma of system design: defining business rules either in natural language, intelligible but often ambiguous, or program code (or rule engine instructions), unambiguous but unintelligible to stakeholders. Designed to meet the needs of business analysts, this book provides an exhaustive analysis of rule types and a set of syntactic templates from which unambiguous natural language rule statements of each type can be generated. A user guide to the SBVR specification, it explains how to develop an appropriate business vocabulary and generate quality rule statements using the appropriate templates and terms from the vocabulary. The resulting rule statements can be reviewed by business stakeholders for relevance and correctness, providing for a high level of confidence in their successful implementation.
A complete set of standard templates for rule statements and their component syntactic elements
A rigorous approach to rule statement construction to avoid ambiguity and ensure consistency
A clear explanation of the way in which a fact model provides and constrains the rule statement vocabulary
A practical reader-friendly user guide to the those parts of the SBVR specification that are relevant to rule authoring
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Instrumentation Amplifiers and Read-Out Integrated Circuits
Rong Wu, Johan H. Huijsing, "Precision Instrumentation Amplifiers and Read-Out Integrated Circuits"
English | 2013 | ISBN-10: 146143730X | 256 pages | PDF | 6 MB
This book presents innovative solutions in the design of precision instrumentation amplifier and read-out ICs, which can be used to boost millivolt-level signals transmitted by modern sensors, to levels compatible with the input ranges of typical Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs). The discussion includes the theory, design and realization of interface electronics for bridge transducers and thermocouples. It describes the use of power efficient techniques to mitigate low frequency errors, resulting in interface electronics with high accuracy, low noise and low drift. Since this book is mainly about techniques for eliminating low frequency errors, it describes the nature of these errors and the associated dynamic offset cancellation techniques used to mitigate them.
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Self-Organization in Embedded Real-Time Systems
M. Teresa Higuera-Toledano, Uwe Brinkschulte, "Self-Organization in Embedded Real-Time Systems"
English | 2012 | ISBN-10: 1461419689 | 220 pages | PDF | 6,8 MB
This book describes the emerging field of self-organizing, multicore, distributed and real-time embedded systems. Self-organization of both hardware and software can be a key technique to handle the growing complexity of modern computing systems. Distributed systems running hundreds of tasks on dozens of processors, each equipped with multiple cores, requires self-organization principles to ensure efficient and reliable operation. This book addresses various, so-called Self-X features such as self-configuration, self-optimization, self-adaptation, self-healing and self-protection.
Presents open components for embedded real-time adaptive and self-organizing applications; 
Describes innovative techniques in: scheduling, memory management, quality of service, communications supporting organic real-time applications;
Covers multi-/many-core embedded systems supporting real-time adaptive systems and power-aware, adaptive hardware and software systems;
Includes case studies of open embedded real-time self-organizing system developments supporting real-time applications.
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Concept Generation for Design Creativity: A Systematized Theory and Methodology
Toshiharu Taura, Yukari Nagai, "Concept Generation for Design Creativity: A Systematized Theory and Methodology"
English | 2013 | ISBN-10: 144714080X | 208 pages | PDF | 4,2 MB
The concept generation process seems like an intuitional thought: difficult to capture and perform, although everyone is capable of it. It is not an analytical process but a synthetic process which has yet to be clarified. Furthermore, new research methods for investigating the concept generation process—a very difficult task since the concept generation process is driven by inner feelings deeply etched in the mind—are necessary to establish its theory and methodology. 
Concept Generation for Design Creativity – A Systematized Theory and Methodology presents the concept generation process both theoretically and methodologically. Theoretically, the concept generation process is discussed by comparing metaphor, abduction, and General Design Theory from the notions of similarities and dissimilarities. Analogy, blending, and integration by thematic relation have been explained methodologically. So far, these theories and methods have been discussed independently, and the relations among them have not been clarified. Two newly developed research methods to investigate the concept generation process are clearly explained: the explanation-based protocol analysis and constructive simulation.
By reading Concept Generation for Design Creativity – A Systematized Theory and Methodology, students, researchers and lecturers in design disciplines (including engineering design, industrial design, software design, CHI, design education, and cognitive science ) can obtain a clear picture of the advanced research findings and the outline of the theories and methods for concept generation. Furthermore, readers are expected to achieve the competence to generate new concepts.
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 Typographic Design: Form and Communication, 5th edition
Typographic Design: Form and Communication, 5th edition By Rob Carter, Ben Day, Philip B. Meggs
English | 2011 | 368 Pages | ISBN: 047064821X | PDF | 47 MB
Full–color throughout and be supported by a companion website and instructor ancillaries, Typographic Design has been a consistent knowledge source on the ins and outs of working with type. The new Fifth Edition is updated throughout, including many new images and case studies. It also contains new information on visual metaphor, analogy, metonymy, multi–modal typography, and new cultural developments in type. Other new additions include a chapter on typography on the screen, as well as up–to–date information on typographic technology.
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 LTE-Advanced Air Interface Technology
Xincheng Zhang, Xiaojin Zhou, "LTE-Advanced Air Interface Technology"
English | 2013 | ISBN-10: 1466501529 | 528 pages | PDF | 13,4 MB
Opportunities are at hand for professionals eager to learn and apply the latest theories and practices in air interface technologies. Written by experienced researchers and professionals, LTE-Advanced Air Interface Technology thoroughly covers the performance targets and technology components studied by 3GPP for LTE-Advanced. Besides being an explanatory text about LTE-Advanced air interface technology, this book exploits the technical details in the 3GPP specification, and explains the motivation and implication behind the specifications. 
After a general description of wireless cellular technology evolution and the performance targets and major technical features of LTE-Advanced, LTE-Advanced Air Interface Technology discusses various innovative technical features in detail, including
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Flexible Imputation of Missing Data
Stef van Buuren, "Flexible Imputation of Missing Data"
English | 2012 | ISBN-10: 1439868247 | 342 pages | PDF | 10,7 MB
Missing data form a problem in every scientific discipline, yet the techniques required to handle them are complicated and often lacking. One of the great ideas in statistical science—multiple imputation—fills gaps in the data with plausible values, the uncertainty of which is coded in the data itself. It also solves other problems, many of which are missing data problems in disguise. 
Flexible Imputation of Missing Data is supported by many examples using real data taken from the author's vast experience of collaborative research, and presents a practical guide for handling missing data under the framework of multiple imputation. Furthermore, detailed guidance of implementation in R using the author’s package MICE is included throughout the book.
Assuming familiarity with basic statistical concepts and multivariate methods, Flexible Imputation of Missing Data is intended for two audiences:
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A Look at Life from a Deer Stand: Hunting for the Meaning of Life
Steve Chapman, "A Look at Life from a Deer Stand: Hunting for the Meaning of Life"
English | ISBN: 0736948961, 1565078640 | 2012 | EPUB | 176 pages | 3,1 MB
Steve Chapman's popular A Look at Life from a Deer Stand (more than 280,000 copies sold) now includes new stories and illustrations as well as a stunning new cover.
From the incredible rush of bagging "the big one" to standing in awe of God's magnificent creation, Steve Chapman captures the spirit of the hunt. In short chapters filled with excitement and humor, he takes readers on his successful--and not-so-successful--forays into the heart of deer country. As they experience the joy of scouting a trophy buck, they'll discover how the skills necessary for great hunting can help them draw closer to the Lord.
This popular outdoor devotional focuses on time spent in the woods to offer unique insights into living for God. The perfect gift for every hunter and outdoorsman.
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50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants
Ruth Rogers Clausen, "50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants: The Prettiest Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs, and Shrubs That Deer Don't Eat"
English | ISBN: 1604691956 | 2011 | EPUB | 224 pages | 18 MB
Keeping your beautiful garden safe from deer is as simple as choosing the right plants. In 50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants, gardening expert Ruth Rogers Clausen introduces the most versatile and drool-worthy options: white snowdrops that bloom in the spring; shade-loving, electric gold hakone grass; long-blooming Texas sage in vibrant reds, peaches, and pinks; and the feathery foliage of Arkansas blue stars that glows golden in the autumn.
Illustrated throughout with full-color photographs of every plant, this inspiring guide offers everything a plant-lover with a deer problem needs to know. In addition to the 50 best annuals, perennials, bulbs, ferns, grasses, and shrubs — plus advice on how to grow them — Clausen includes dozens of deer-resistant companions and smart design tips for pulling it all together. And here's the best part: your gorgeous garden will be irresistible to everyone but those pesky deer.
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Lonely Planet Chicago (City Guide)
Karla Zimmerman, Sara Benson, "Lonely Planet Chicago (City Guide)"
English | ISBN: 1742200613 | 2014 | EPUB | 288 pages | 47 MB
Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher
Lonely Planet Chicago is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Gaze out over the city from the heights of the Willis Tower, chow down on local specialities such as the famed deep-dish pizza, or join the locals at a baseball game; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Chicago and begin your journey now!
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