Asian Inspirations

Asian Inspirations - Backgrounds & Poses
Products: Poser, V4 (DAZ), and any program that can use .jpg files

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Daz3D Models: The Girl 6 Pro Bundle | 604.7MB

Introducing the Girl 6. The next great figure for Genesis 2 Female.
The long awaited next iteration of DAZ's Girl, the Girl 6, revolutionizes that sexy face you know and love. Carefully crafted and sculpted on the Genesis 2 Female base, the Girl 6 bends, poses and just plain looks better than any other Girl out there. She can be cute as a button, or sexy as a fox. So go ahead, take her for a spin, pin her up, and add her to your runtime.

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Miho Hair

Software: Poser 6, Poser 7, Poser 8, Poser 9, Poser Pro 2010, Poser Pro 2012, Daz Studio 4.5, Daz Studio 3, Poser 5
Base Figures: Victoria 4, Genesis


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Categories: 3D Files & Addons


Software: Poser 9, Poser Pro 2010, Poser Pro 2012, Poser 10, Poser Pro 2014
Products: Dawn - available at Hivewire3D - 295.1 MB


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MDD Ainsley for V4.2

Software: Poser 6, Poser 7, Poser 8, Poser 9, Poser Pro 2010, Poser Pro 2012
Base Figures: Victoria 4


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Barbarian for V4

Steampunk and Victorian are fun, but sometimes it's a rush to loose all that elegance and refinement. Sometimes it's a moment of wild enjoyment to go back to something that is pure in its vitality and honest in its more primitive roots. A power to be honored by nature itself and the magic granted to those wild enough to wield it.

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Galadrel Hair For V4 And A4

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Seafarer\'s Union for Poser 4+

Products: Poser 4 or higher


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Sabby-Faith for V4 and Genesis

Faith is a high quality character for Victoria 4.2 & Genesis She also requires Morphs ++ for her body shape to work. Her Genesis Morph requires V4 Shapes for Genesis.
Products: Poser 6 or higher, Victoria 4.2 & Morphs ++ (SSS Shaders Require Poser 9+) V4 shapes for Genesis


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Products: PC/MAC Poser 6 or later. Victoria 4. ++Morphs - 59.5 MB


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Livia for V4 and Genesis

An ultra-realistic beauty, Livia comes with 8 eye options, 3 lash options, 12 make-up options and 12 mix and match lip options (each lip color option is available in matte and glossy versions). Standard material presets ready to use in Poser

Products: Poser 6 or higher, DS3A or higher, V4, V4 morphs++, Genesis, Genesis Evolution Body and Face Morphs, V4/M4 Shapes for Genesis

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Evermotion – Archexteriors Vol.17



Take a look at these 10 fully textured Asian exterior scenes with professional shaders and lighting ready to render from Archexteriors vol. 17.

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Products: Poser Pro Pack or higher, Aiko 3 base + head & body morphs to properly use Isadora. These items can be obtained at DAZ3D. - 80,40 Mb


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The Rattan Room

The Rattan Room is an 25-piece living room set complete with room building
elements and rattan furniture pieces. Spacious and elegant, the Rattan Room
comes with everything you need to create stunning and unique living room
renders or intimate vignettes. Use the furniture props with the included room
props or with any other room/house props. The simple style of the pieces allow
the furniture to fit in with many different environments.

Four furniture setups are included as PZ3 files and a fifth PZ3 file will load
an empty room. Just add your Poser character(s) and render. Add the distinctive
style of rattan furnishings to your own renders.

Products: Any version of Poser - 9.4 Mb


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IMPACTS: Illusion for V4/A4/G4/Elite
Products: Poser 5 or higher; Victoria 4 and/or Aiko 4 and/or The Girl 4 from Daz3D - 177.1 Mb
IMPACTS: Illusion is the eighth chapter of our IMPACTS line and combines luscious leather elements with romantic lace applications, inspired by wench and maid designs. The outfit consists of a front-strapped vest with lace top, a sexy high-waisted leather skirt with petticoat and apron and a pair of platform sandals with bow


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Products: PC, Poser 6/7, DAZ Studio or higher, Victoria 4.2, V.4 morphs++

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Oskarsson\'s FireBird

Products: Poser 6 or higher. PC or Machintosh.Victoria 4.1. Materials will not work in Daz Studio - 41.6 MB

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Ruby Hair

Products: Poser 5 and above, Daz Studio, Victoria 4 (A4,G4 fits)


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Debris and Trash

Software: Poser 6, Poser 7, Poser 8, Poser 9, Poser Pro 2010, Poser Pro 2012, Daz Studio 4.5, Daz Studio 3, Poser 10, Poser Pro 2014, Daz Studio 4.6 - 94,99 Mb


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SAV Dragon

SAV Dragon Lady Outfit
SAV Dragon Lady Hair
Bottled Dragon Lady Hair


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The Metropolitan Collection - Milan V4

Products: Poser 5 and higher, Victoria 4 with Body Morph Pack available at daz3d - not tested on DazStudio - 76.0 Mb


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Clio Hair

Products: Poser Pro Pack or Poser 5 or Poser 6 or Poser 7


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Destroyed Entry

Software: Poser 6, Poser 7, Poser 8, Poser 9, Poser Pro 2010, Poser Pro 2012


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Strapless Mini Dress

"Strapless Mini Dress" - Hi quality, hi polygonal, well designed dress and boots conforming figures (.cr2) + two bracelet smart props for V4.2 base.

Strapless Mini Dress
Couture for Strapless Mini Dress
Party Time 1 for Strapless Mini Dress
Party Time 2 for Strapless Mini Dress



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DAZ/Poser : Xurge 3D Collection
3D Models | DAZ/Poser | 66 Models | 600MB

Xurge 3D provides a wide variety of Poser products loaded with style and originality. Create a your 3D-scene of magical elegance!

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