M4 BodySuit Unimesh Fits


The ultimate in conforming clothing for Michael 4 is now perfect for Hiro 4 and the Freak too. The Unimesh Upgrade adds all five Hiro and four Freak body shapes to the already 70+ M4 morphs in the original bodysuit. Create shirts, shorts, and other clothing items over any other tight-fitting clothing that you can imagine. With the ability to add displacement maps and increase the thickness of the bodysuit, you can create hundreds of unique outfits from this single piece of clothing.


This product requires:
M4 Bodysuit

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M4 BodySuit Textures


Take your M4 bodysuit to new levels with this set of textures. Contains four textures for all your superhero or out of this world type renders.


This product requires:
M4 Bodysuit

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M4 Bodysuit


M4 Bodysuit contains fits for all DAZ 3D M4 morphs, and comes with zipper morphs and several MAT poses for customizing the style of the suit.


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Gore-Dom for DAZ Studio


Splatter blood over anything with a single click! Soak clothing in blood and create pools of blood on the ground. Create walls that drip with gore. The power is yours with Gore-Dom - the hybrid shader you’ve been waiting for to add that ultra real gory touch to all your horror, sci-fi, battle and fantasy scenes. There’s runny blood, splattered blood, soaking blood, dried blood, venous blood, arterial blood, tiny splatters, blobs of blood and even three fantasy skin textures – one veiny, one jelly-like and the other scabrous. The product includes incredibly detailed transparent textures to gorify any surface without replacing your texture maps. Your textures will still be visible as you stack layers of different kinds of blood on top of it. Presets include, Blobby, Bloodied, Heavy Spread, Runny, Splat, Splatter, Spray and Stain. Apply them to skin, hair, clothes, props, animals...anything at all. Gore-Dom uses special scripting to make shaders behave in ways you never dreamed possible. A set of next-generation Shaders for DAZ Studio 2 and 3, Gore-Dom marries the quality of custom texture maps, the convenience and flexibility of shaders and the texture layering ability of DAZ Studio with the versatility of the Layered Image Editor.

  • These hybrid shaders have the following properties:
    • They can be applied to ANY surface – human skin, clothes, props, hair – like any other shader.
    • Existing texture maps will not be replaced. The shaders incorporate transparency so the original texture is still visible beneath them.
    • Existing transparency maps will not be replaced, but will be layered over.
    • Bump, displacement and specularity is included where appropriate.
    • They can be layered over existing shaders and over and among any presets created with the LIE, including any in this set.
    • You can select the surface, open it in the LIE and adjust color, transparency, position and any other normal LIE option.
This shader, and others like it, have the ability to change the way you render, put easy continuity within your reach and substantially reduce the amount of post work needed to attain bloodied and gory effects.

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Mini Dress - Unimesh Fits - Peek a Boo


This cute mini, with coordinated shoes and panties, is equally at home in an Anime scene for A4 or taking V4 clubbing.


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Scoopback Mini Dress - Unimesh Fits


Now A4 and V4 will be ready for a night on the town in this fun new dress that's sure to add variety to their wardrobe.


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Sedition Soldier for M4


The Sedition branched off from the coalition almost 80 years ago. Not as well financed or technologically adept as the Coalition they scavanged technology from the Coalition and the BEO to build Power Armor that rivals both.


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Arkangel - Textures for Arkangel


Victoria is ready for action with this 5 piece fantasy armour. Contains fits for Morphs++, Aiko 4, Stephanie 4, Tthe Girl 4 and the Elite Body Shapes.


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SV7 Dalia

Dalia is a gorgeous character created for Victoria 4.

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RM CeeCee


RM CeeCee
Requirements:V4, Morphs ++

Product Compatibility Poser 7/8/2010 D|S 3

CeeCee is a true diva, she likes to be pampered and spoiled and wants to enjoy only the finer things in life. She is fiesty, glamourous, intelligent and funny, but also compassionate and like all of us is seeking that perfect love, she hopes to find all that she is looking for and more in your runtime, so wont you bring her home today?

# 6 Stunning eye and realistic eye choices
# 4 True to life eye reflection options
# 6 Lash styles
# 2 Sclera (eye white) options
# 4 Beautiful make ups with and without Heavy liner
# 1 Crying Make up
# 1 Light Liner only make up
# 1 Make up off
# Gorgeous skin textures with and without hair
# Mat Poses for applying all of the Poser files
# D|S material files for applying all options in D|S 3.0+


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Professional Style


Have Victoria step out in style in this professional mix and match outfit. Consisting of a corset, skirt and pants. Just the thing for your runtime wardrobes.

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Hongyu's SportBaby 5 for V4/A4/G4/Elite


What you get from this package?
You get 2 pieces from this lingerie pack:
SB5_Bra (DS version named SB5_BraDS)
SB5_Skirt (DS version named SB5_SkirtDS)


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V4 Magus Textures


Add some magic to your Magus with these three new texture sets. Give your fire mage some flash with the gold and red set. Add a touch of elegance to your water mage with the deep blue leathers. As for travel, nothing beats the sturdy yet comfortable, slate-grey outfit - guaranteed to resist the dust and grime of a hard day's ride.


This product requires:


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Magus - Unimesh Fits


Get Victoria 4 into a magical mood with this full set of clothing.


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Medicine Set for Poser


- 1 bottle box figure + 2 textures maps and 3 poses
- 1 box set figure with 5 alternate geometries + 5 poses to change geometries
- 1 pills bottle figure with 2 morphs and 3 textures set with mats poses
- 15 individual box props with external .obj

All promos images render in Poser Pro 2012.

Tested in P7 and P9, not tested in DS.


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Winter Flower for Victoria 4

In the very heart of a cold winter there is still a place for something warm, colorful, and summery...Introducing Winter Flower for V4. In addition to the usual morph support, this set also supports the Angel Custom Body Morph!



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CadPlants Library 5000+ Plant for Professional Design & Presentacion [NEW LINKS]

CadPlants Library 5000+ Plant for Professional Design & Presentacion
3D Textures | format: .jpg + .tga + PDF Catalog | 7.24Gb

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Archery pose collection large


186 unique archery poses are included in this collection, with separate upper body partial poses, lower body partial poses, full body poses, hand, eye, and feet poses. All poses are organized and clearly labeled for easy browsing. Select an easy one-click full body pose, or mix and match any of the separate upper, lower, hand, eye, or feet poses to create your own unique look.


This product requires:
V4 Archer

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Fifteen action/fantasy poses for M4/V4 with Arcane Archery

This product requires:
Arcane Archery


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Arcane Archery


"Real nice sword there, yep, gotta agree. But what are you gonna do when there's a dragon that just won't land and fight you face-to-face?"

Well, then it's time to bring out the long range firepower! Three ornate bows and arrows are here as the Arcane Archery set, ready to give your Poser characters some fire support!


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