A superior quality character for Victoria 4.2 & requires Morphs ++ as well as Elite body shapes for her body morph. Her head is sculpted in zBrush and requires no extra morphs to work.


Tanya is not your typical girl next door, she can be lively, wild, and much the party girl when she wants to be. :) Being a natural redhead hasn't stopped her from trying to prove that blondes don't ALWAYS have more fun! :)

All her make ups were carefully created with her skin tone in mind. Making sure that they go with her and the lovely red locks she'll surely have. :)

She was created using photos ensuring her freckles, brows, eyes, body details, and more are incredibly realistic! As with all of my products, you are sure to get a fresh, brand new, and unique lady in your runtime.


She comes with Daz mats as well as Poser Optimized materials.


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Grrrl! Plus


Girl is Great, but more diversity is always better! Crank up Grrrl's tooniness, and make her look aged, more expressive, morph her into fantasic creatures, or just tweak her body shape to your liking. If you have previously purchased Grrrl! You should purchase the Grrrl! Plus Upgrade product rather than this one.


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Silent Fright Backgrounds


Silent Fright Backgrounds!

12 Backgrounds for the Silent Fright Theme

Each one is 2400x3000 300 DPI
Created with digital 3D Renders and hand painting!

For you the artist, by an artist!


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B25 Steam Punk Aviator V4


Classic Aviator-wear for Victoria 4 in cool Steam Punk style.


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Rag Doll Hair


In the spirit of seasonal chilling fright, we present Ragdoll Hair, for V4,A4,G4 and Rebelmommy's Susie. Complete with 24 different sensational colors, a morphing/conforming stitched up heart necklace with mix and match colors meant to match Rhiannon's Susie's Rags outfit, accompanied by Nirvy's expansion for the outfit, the hair is a great addition to the fortune of products of this theme. Be sure to see all the products in this theme!

Hair includes:

2 CR2's Left and Right mirrored hair
24 Mats for the hair
10 Mats for the hair ties
1 CR2 Morphing/Conforming Necklace
29 Mats for the necklace
14 Material presets
DS Mats


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Character Randomizer for M4


This product creates totally random characters using Michael 4 and the Michael 4 Morphs++ add-on.

Using scientifically defined male body types and character profiles, this product randomly selects body shape and weight. Face shape is intelligently randomly generated taking into account the body shape and weight. The randomization scripts don't just randomize all the dials, they are intelligent and use researched logic to create full characters that are believable while still being randomly unique every time.

Textured details like skin tone, freckle density, stubble and eye color are also selected and tweaked randomly. With one click, you get a totally unique character every time!

Script Poses are included for randomizing All features, or Body, Head, Eye Color and Skin Texture/Tone individually. This enables you to tweak elements eg. if you have created a nice face but would like to generate a new random body shape, it's only a click away.

Addition poses are included to remove skin tone completely and manually select freckle density.


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Magdanela Warrior V4/A4/G4/Elite



- 3 separate clothes (chest, boots with stocking and thong, gloves)
- Funny and original kisses guns with 14 morphs for the bullets and the mouths
- original painted textures.
- Custom morph for V4 (skin bump to fit with stockings).
- Detailed modeling and original design.


- 1 conforming figure chest
- 1 conforming figure boots/tong/stocking
- 1 conforming figure gloves with "armor mouth" props parented
- 3 guns (zero, smart props right & left hand)

- 1 INJ/REM poses feet for V4
- 1 INJ/REM custom morph for V4 (can be mixed with standard DAZ morphs)
- 4 templates
- 15 textures map (diffus, bump, displacement, transmap)


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Modern Muses Lissa


This southern European beauty is a lovely classical addition to any runtime. With a custom head morph and a lovely array of fashion looks, her refined features and stylish options will fit perfectly into Victoria 4's repertoire.


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Delphia Hair - Delphia Hair Expanded!


Gorgeous curls made to coordinate with your beautiful Delirium outfit! Go Rock - Go Country - Go in Style... the PERFECT accessory! Fits Victoria 3, Victoria 4, Aiko 3 and Aiko 4!


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Nadja Hair




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Urban Future 2


The long-awaited sequel to Stonemason’s popular “Urban Future” environment is here! With extreme attention to detail, this urban/sci-fi set is a must have! Includes DAZ Studio, Poser, and Vue versions.


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The Cozy Bath




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Capture the fun! Yippie Kiya little CowGIRL! She even has her very own wild Dragonfly! New fun outfit for your V4, A4 and G4.


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Dark and Deathly "Cute", Samedi is sure to be a Wonderfully Mischevious Addition to your Poser Runtime.  He features a dark dose of Posing Dials, Shaping Controls and Expressive Head Morphs.

He comes Fully Textured with BUMP and Displacement Mapping and is never without his trusty Voodoo Pin!

Samedi comes with several sample Poses and is Walk Designer Compatible.

Best of All, Samedi is COMPLETELY FREE and my way of saying "Thank You" to everyone in the Poser and DAZ community!

Keep your eye out (and put it back in when you're done) for Free and For-Sale Additions to this Charmingly Creepy Critter!

Update 1.1
Samedi has recently been updated to version 1.1 which brings numerous adjustments, tweaks and improvements over the original, released in October 2010.  Please view the included PDF guide for a full list of changes!

Update Highlights:  Smoother Morph Targets, Rigging Tweaks (particularly Arm, Leg, Foot and Hand areas), Phonemes with PMD Injection, DAZ Studio Material Files, and much more!

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Ape World Gorilla


In a future world or in realms more diverse than our own, mankind is not the only primate to evolve. Bring these simian siblings to life in worlds of your creation with these character sets for M4 and V4.


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Alley Sprite


Alley Sprite is fashionable couture for Urban Fae for V4, Unimesh Fits and Enchanted Wings. This outfit is made of the softest materials, magically colored in the gentlest shades, detailed with lace and luxury fabrics, and complete with coordinating silky semi-transparent wings, a wand and staff. Alley Sprite is here to spread Springtime into the darkest alleys of the great cities.


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Coalition Elite Textures


Bring the Coalition Rapier and Claymore into reality with this nitty-gritty texture set from Shauna Howell. There are 4 high-resolution texture map sets for both Rapier and Claymore, each including diffuse, specular, bump and ambient maps at 4096x4096 pixels, making all your Coalition renders Elite.


This product requires:
Coalition Rapier Armor
Coalition Claymore Armor


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Coalition Claymore Armor


The Coalition Claymore Armor is designed to give the Coalition Soldier the extra power and armor to get the job done. This is an add-on set for the Coalition Rapier Armor


This product requires:
Coalition Rapier Armor

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Coalition Rapier Armor


The Coalition Rapier Armor is the mainstay of coalition forces. Standard issue for Light Infantry, Recon and Spec Ops units. This is a conforming figure set for Michael4.


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Back2Basics Bundle 02


Four items from the series - B2Basics EverAfter Trinny V4 Bundle and B2Basics EverAfter Michell V4 Bundle - now together for more winning power!


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